Noel Miller is a multifaceted internet personality who is active as a YouTuber as well as a comedian. He is known to have started his journey as a social media personality in August 2015, when he created his YouTube channel, Noel Miller. He also collaborated with comedian Cody Ko to create the Tiny Meat Gang (TMG). Together they have released several songs over the years.

It is also interesting to know that Miller was also a success in Viner and it was when his comedy videos on his Vine account called ‘néolmiller’ became very popular that he turned to YouTube. Get facts about his rise to stardom, his girlfriend and more as you read.

Noel Miller Bio (Age) – Where is he from?

The internet star has his birth date August 19th 1989 and he hails from Toronto, Canada. There is no information about his family background, nor his educational background, although he is believed to be well educated.

It was in August 2015 that the young man started uploading videos to YouTube using the channel he created. His first video was titled Colgape Evergreen Ad and with the success he got he went on to upload several more clips. His videos are mostly comedy sketches and the music video, Reading Smoking Tweets – EP 2, is ranked as his most viewed video to date with over 4 million views.

Prior to entering the YouTube platform, Miller was known to be a winemaker when he uploaded comedy videos to the platform. His videos have been well received and his vines have earned him much recognition. It was his desire to grow and improve his talent that led him to join YouTube. Currently, Noel Miller has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and he has had over 27 million views for his videos.

Moreso, he is active on other social media platforms like Instagram where he has garnered over 800,000 followers. Miller’s consistency in uploading videos and sharing his posts has undoubtedly kept him at the peak of his career as an online personality.

Besides his online career, Noel Miller has worked with comedian Cody Ko. Together they formed the Tiny Meat Gang in 2017. Be A Hit”, “Walk Man”, and many others. They also created a podcast called Tiny Meat Gang Podcast and to this day they are known for making waves as a team as well as in their individual projects.

His net worth

The Internet sensation is not only having fun downloading videos from the Internet, but he also earns a lot from what he does. Miller has the right to earn money from the ads viewed on his channel and the constant increase in the number of his subscribers. So it’s no surprise that his net worth is in the $1 million range.

Wife or girlfriend, is he married?

The internet celebrity is notable for his warm personality and coupled with his sense of humor, Noel Miller can definitely sweep any woman off her feet. However, regardless of his charming attributes, the young man remained by the side of a lady named Aleena. The duo are believed to have enjoyed a long-term relationship and currently have a beautiful dog they are raising together.

Miller and Aleena often share adorable pictures of themselves on social media and we can’t help but admire the strong bond between them. If you want to know about their plans to start a family, your expectation could be met anytime, as these two people could share the good news anytime. However, for now, let us settle for the fantastic display of love they are showing on various social media platforms.

Noel Miller’s Height

Noel Miller is best described as a dashing young man. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has an average build. His other striking features include his well-structured face and his dark colored hair which he loves to cut low.