Noelle Nikpour is no stranger to the political world and the camera. An outspoken and assertive TV personality, she has appeared on notable channels such as MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, CNN and many more. A political strategist, Nikpour is also a consultant, fundraiser, news commentator, columnist and author.

Nikpour is a member of the Republican Party, also known as the GOP. She indicated her 2016 interest in entering the U.S. House as a representative in Florida’s 18th congressional district, but was defeated by Michigan, Michigan-born Republican politician Brian Mast.

Noelle Nikpour’s Bio

This beautiful politician was born NoelleMichelle Nikpour in the United States of America. She was born in 1962 and the name of the state where her birth was registered is Little Rock, Arkansas. Nikpour has American citizenship and is of Iranian descent. According to some information, his father is Iranian, but information about his mother is still secret.

Although Noelle Nikpour did not reveal the names of the educational institutions in which she was educated, it is assumed that she was educated in the United States.

This Republican strategist and consultant launched his political career many years ago. So far, she has participated in several projects and has also worked with personalities from political life.

An altruistic and experienced politician, Noelle Nikpour has contributed to the political welfare of many politicians in the country by raising funds for them. Rudy Giuliani, Asa Hutchinson and Richard DeVos Jr.

The highlight of Noelle’s political career was her defeat in the Republican primary in the race for Florida’s 18th congressional district. Brian Mast topped her in the Republican primary which was held on August 30, 2016. She had expressed an interest in representing Florida’s 18th congressional district in the 2016 general election, but sadly she only garnered 1% of the votes cast.

Although the politician did not make progress in his quest for political position that year, his attempt opened up many opportunities for him in the political world and beyond, including in the television news business. Noelle’s resume also covers her stints on television as a news commentator. She has been invited for interviews with major media houses such as CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, HLN and Fox News.

Noelle Nikpour Family, Husband

Noelle Nikpour does not yet have a family of her own; she is still single and has never been married in the past. As a secretive woman and someone who has a low profile in her personal life, Nikpour hasn’t really spoken about her relationships. While many think she’s in the market, others think she might be seeing someone in secret.

Speaking about her dating history, Nikfor once mentioned in a tweet in 2013 that she had a boyfriend but she didn’t reveal the identity of her beau at the time. It is not known if they are still together or not.

Politician Facts

1. Besides her political career, Noelle Nikpour is also a seasoned writer. She is the author of the brand marketing and technique book, Branding America – What Does Your Brand Say About You? . The book was published in 2012. She has also written columns for Florida’s leading daily, Sun-Sentinel.

2. Elvis Presley’s “Return to Sender” and the Kingsland, Arkansas-born singer’s “Ring of Fire” are Noelle’s favorite songs.

3. Although Noelle Nikpour was defeated by Brian Mast, her candidacy was not in vain as she was placed on the list of 32 “Young Guns” congressional candidates seeking party support as per the demands of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

4. The politician is a beautiful woman with an amazing shape and physical features; However, the exact measurements of his height, weight and body characteristics have yet to be made public. She is blessed with long black hair and a pair of black eyes.

5. On his net worth, there is no doubt theA politician earns a decent salary per month. Noelle also derives substantial benefit from her books and other stints in and out of the political world. Unfortunately, the proper authorities are still calculating the exact numbers she makes each year and the value of her holdings.