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Honey is made by bees, but they do so much more! Other beneficial natural goods made by hardworking insects that you should be aware of!
Honey is well-known for its health benefits. Bees create a variety of products that can benefit people in addition to the delightful natural product. Beeswax, propolis, and royal jelly are among them. We’d like to give you a closer look at these bee products:
Everyone is always talking about the healing properties of propolis – but what is it actually? Propolis is used by bees as a building material for their honeycombs. It is a multi-substance mixture (made of pollen, resins, essential oils, etc.) and has numerous positive effects on health: It has antibiotic, antioxidant and stress-relieving effects. Propolis can be purchased, for example, in the form of ointments, lip balms or capsules for oral use. 
Beeswax cloths
Beeswax not only has an important function in the beehive, it can also be useful in our everyday lives. For example, it is a great alternative to aluminum foil and plastic! From now on, pack your snack in a beeswax cloth – these are cloths that are wrapped in beeswax and thus have the same properties as aluminum foil. 
Beeswax pastilles
Beeswax not only smells good, but is also ideal for making candles or cosmetics. With beeswax pastilles you can make your own wax products in no time.
Royal jelly
As the name suggests, this product is something royal, very valuable. Royal jelly is the juice that honeybees use to raise their queen. The jelly is particularly difficult to obtain and is only taken from a special group of beekeepers. They especially appreciate the jelly because of its nutritional composition. It contains everything you need for life: carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, trace elements and all sorts of other important ingredients. 
Royal jelly is usually found in this country as an additive in creams and lip care, as the bee product is sometimes said to have an anti-aging effect.