From the name Nova Rapper, one can easily imagine or get a pretty good idea of ​​who the owner of the name is. If you guessed he’s a rapper, you’re on the right track because he very much is. Nova is an up-and-coming rap artist who rose to popularity after emerging as the winner of the third season of ‘The Rap Game’ contest to sign to the ‘So So Def Label’ in 2017.

The label which is owned by famous rapper, songwriter, record producer and record executive, Jermaine Dupri, has helped grow its fan base and improve its music to the delight of its growing fans by leaps and bounds . For more information about his career and personal life, read on.

Nova Rapper – Biography

Nova Rapper whose real name is Julio Franceschi was born on May 28, 2000 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Although much information is not known about his early life, it is known that his father and mother divorced when Nova was still very young. After the divorce, his mother took him and his siblings to live with his brother, simply known as Ekko.

Much information is not available regarding the schools he attended in his early days. Nevertheless, after moving to his uncle’s house, he was home-schooled by his uncle Ekko as he did not have enough money to enroll him in high school.

career path

Nova’s career officially started in 2013. Having established the fact that he came from a struggling family, he had his mobile gadgets to help his musical ambitions. These gadgets allowed him to upload rap skits to various social media pages, Instagram being his favorite platform.

Before long, he became popular and his followers increased mainly because he uploaded original rap contents as he was well capable of writing his own lyrics. However, what gave him even greater fame was when he was chosen to participate in the third season of the “Rap Games” competition in 2017. The show was hosted by rapper and ace music producer, Jermaine Dupri.

Nova ended up becoming the winner of the competition’s third season and as a result was signed to Dupri’s music label called So So Def. Additionally, Jermaine Dupri took Nova to Atlanta where he had his first single (Stay Over) recorded. The song which featured established American singer/songwriter Jacquees was well received by fans and critics alike. Other tracking singles include; “Go deeper, ‘Look Below’, and more. Due to his immense drive and determination to succeed, he works in the studio most nights and from the above, his efforts are paying off.

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The rapper’s family life

Nova had a difficult childhood growing up. Although he lived mostly with his maternal uncle, he occasionally lived in homeless shelters. Her father’s name is unknown but her mother’s name is Jasmin Vega. She is also called, “Jazzie” for short. He has a brother named Noah Franceschi and a sister named Alexa Franceschi. Besides, he also has a cousin named Natalia Valencia Gomez.

Nova is unmarried and seems to be singlefocused on growing her music career which is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, Nova has a girlfriend, her name is Nia Kay and she is also a rapper from Chicago. The pair met in 2017 when they were both contestants on ‘The Rap Game’. At the time, Nia Kay was only 14 years old while Nova was 16 years old. The duo are still together and going strong in their relationship which has had no controversies attached to it.

Net value

Nova is still a young rapper on the rise with plenty of years to grow his fan base and fortune too. Considering the boy wasn’t born into a wealthy or middle-class family, he’s definitely done well so far with the use of his talents. Nova is estimated to be worth an impressive $300,000, which is more money than many have made in such a short time in their career as artists. Still, that figure is expected to see a significant increase over the next few years as his fame grows.