Gary Brolsma also known as Numa Numa Guy is best known for the Numa Numa dance, he showed the world a video he uploaded in December 2004, in which he synced a song and gestured to it. The video was viewed 2 million times in the first two months of its release.

Opinions continued to grow and by 2005 it had had around 160 million views. All of these stats show that the video has been one of the most viral videos on the internet throughout its history. The video would reach over 700 million views in 2006. It has also received numerous accolades from different platforms including ranking #41 in Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Funny Moments 2006 chart in the UK. He ranked number 1 in VH1’s 40 Biggest Internet Stars.

Besides being a vlogger, Gary is an excellent web designer and musician. He released an album in 2008 titled Strange Tempo. Unfortunately, the album wasn’t as popular as its video. Gary released Union Numa Numa 10 Years – a decade after the original and on the same platform as the first. It was also a lip-synch, but this time of major hits like Katie Perry’s Fireworks and Taylor Swift ‘s Shake It Up .

Numa Numa Guy’s Bio

Numa Numa Guy was born Gary Brolsma on January 14, 1986. He was born in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, but the identity of his parents is not known, nor is it known if he has a brother or a sister or if he grew up. However, judging by the educational institution where he completed his high school education, it can be inferred that he spent most of his formative years in his hometown of New Jersey. He attended Bergen County Technical High School, graduating in 2004, and since then nothing has been said of any further academic activity of Brolsma.

Gary’s career got off to a rather unusual start. It was born out of boredom. As a teenager, who had just graduated from high school, he had little to do and was therefore bored. Unable to bear this boredom, he decided to broadcast himself on the Web in synchronization with the popular song of the group O Zone. Dragostea Din Tei. During the video he mentioned new dance moves to the song, the moves were both snappy and awkward. He titled the video Numa Numa Dance and uploaded it to on December 6, 2004.

Just an ordinary video, he might have said, I wonder who would watch it. However, to his amazement, the video quickly went viral. Obviously, its content caught the attention of so many people, and two months after its release, it received 2 million views. The number of views continued to grow, soon reaching 160 million. By this time, many people had started creating parodies of the video. The Numa Numa Guy started gaining so much notoriety and recognition that his video got reposted on various other social media platforms.

Soon after, he decided it was time for a contest. He named the contest New Numa Contest and offered $45,000 for submissions. The Numa Numa Dance video not only popularized Gary Brolsma but also gave him intense media coverage. He has been interviewed by newspapers, magazines and television stations. Gary has been featured on various mainstream outlets including ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and VH1’s Best Week Ever.

Gary’s video was such a hit that it became the second most viral video on the internet, with record views of 700 million. Ten years later, in 2014, Gary Brolsma made another video called Numa Numa, Ten Year Reunion, in which he synced some famous songs. View stats for her second video are unknown, however, it’s obvious that she couldn’t compete with her previous one. Numa Numa Guy is not only a vlogger, but also a web designer and a musician with an album to show off.

Other Facts About Numa Numa Guy


The love life of celebrities is always the interest of many. This sometimes gives them additional notoriety and popularity. Gary Brolsma, the celebrity subject of this article has not revealed anything regarding his relationship status. It is unknown if he has a girlfriend or a wife. He has also not been seen regularly with any particular lady, which would indicate that a romantic relationship is on the right track.


The family is one of the most important aspects of a person’s existence. It shapes life and generally determines many things about a person. Unfortunately, especially for his fans who would like to know more about their favorite vlogger, there is no information available about the celebrity’s family as he has kept this part of his life very private.

Net value

With the viral nature and massive recognition of the Numa Numa Dance video, he is believed to have amassed considerable wealth. Gary also released an album that was expected to earn revenue after sales. Currently, he is expected to enjoy financial stability through his salary over the years and his net worth. In 2018, Gary’s net worth was estimated at $50,000, but his annual income is still unknown to this day.

Where is Numa Numa Guy now?

This is an interesting question, especially for Gary Brolsma fans. They would like to know where the chubby internet star is and what he has been up to. Unfortunately, we cannot answer their questions at this time. The last time Gary was seen by the public eye was in 2014; since then, no information has been revealed about him. It is also unknown what he did.