It is no longer relevant that social media platforms in particular, YouTube serves as a channel for creating wealth, gaining public recognition and showcasing talent among others. The likes of Parker Coppins are social media personalities who rose to stardom through the YouTube platform. He currently has an operational YouTube channel known as ParkerGames with thousands of subscribers and millions of viewers. Parker is also active on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter where he has many followers.

The creative social media personality is also a talented actor, who has been seen on several TV shows and he has hosted a few TV shows. All of this attests to the fact that Parker Coppins is truly a multi-faceted person. Keep reading to learn interesting facts and details about him.

Parker Coppins bio

The sensational social media personality was born on March 12, 1995 in North Carolina, United States. Parker then grew up in Harlingen, Texas, still in the United States.

He attended Calvary Christian School in southern Texas and then proceeded to Harlingen High School (HHS). From his early years, Parker Coppins enjoyed playing video games and soon his hobby became his profession. He rose to fame through his YouTube channel named ParkerGames which he established on March 30, 2011. Later, the avid gamer opened his main game channel named MineplexOfficial on December 1, 2013.

Before gaining recognition on YouTube, Parker dabbled in comedy and appeared on several short films where he played minor roles. In the movie Flirting and Dating for Dummies in 2011 he portrayed the role of the cocky boyfriend and in the short film Born Bad he was cast as Kyle Duncan. He also had a cameo in the movie Penny Arcade. His breakthrough came in 2015 when he portrayed the character of Paul Wilson in The Black Tape – a horror and mystery film.

The following year he was seen in the popular TV series, Adventure Room and was credited using his ParkerGames YouTube handle. In 2017, Parker Coppins had the opportunity to host the Parker Plays Show which aired on Disney XD. He also made an appearance on the 64th episode of Sugar Pin 7, a television series. Parker was recently cast in another TV project titled LifeStyle Classic where he appeared in the episode Trapped in the Closet

Parker Coppins » Family

Parker Coppins was born to parents – Mark and Darla Coppins, who are said to be US citizens like their son. Her father, Mark Coppins, is a pastor who preaches at First Christian Church and her mother, Darla Coppins, works at the Salazar Insurance Company.

The internet sensation has two older sisters named Kaitlin Coppins and Ashley Coppins with whom he spent his childhood in the southern part of Texas. His sister Ashley is currently married and has a beautiful daughter named Camdyn. Parker revealed that he shares a close bond with his niece, Camdyn.

Parker Coppins sometimes shows his family members on his social media accounts especially his mother and sisters. It’s also been known that even after moving to California in 2015, the social media personality still finds time to visit his parents when he can.

On the relationship front, the player is still with his longtime close friend named Shelby, who is also a YouTube star and goes by the nickname ‘Shubble’. The two lovebirds started dating in June 2017. Although there is no further information regarding their relationship, the couple seem very happy together and share loved photos of themselves on their social media pages.

Other YouTuber, Gamer & Actor Facts

• Parker Coppins is considered a follower of the Christian faith.

• Considering his successful career – as a YouTube personality, actor and gamer, it’s safe to say that Parker earns a lot and leads a comfortable life.

• He has beautiful gray eyes that light up every time he smiles, and his dark brown hair color matches his eyes perfectly.

• The YouTuber is best described as a young man of average height who stands at a height of 5ft 7in.