Patrckstatic is an avid American Twitch streamer and YouTube player. The youngster gained great popularity by uploading his gameplay videos to the admiration of his many fans. Pat started his YouTube career in 2013 and his channel has garnered over 85,000 loyal subscribers.

In addition to his personal channel, PatrckStatic is a member of the game team nicknamed Dem Salty Bois. He is also popular on other social media platforms like Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter. Read on to find out interesting details about the YouTube player.

Biography of Patrckstatic

The YouTuber was born on August 19, 1990 and his birth took place in the United States. Patrckstatic hasn’t shared much information regarding his early life and family background. Also, the exact place in which he was born and raised, as well as his real name, is not known.

Although there was a dearth of information regarding Patrckstatic, in his youth, it also did not inform his training. As a result, the names of the institutions he attended, when he attended them, and the certificates he acquired are not known.


Patrckstatic started his YouTube career in September 2013, when he opened his first YouTube channel. Subsequently, he posted his first video on September 16 of the same year. Prior to his YouTube career, Pat had been thrown in jail during one of his many adventures. There he met Wade who then introduced him to the group of players called Dem Salty Bois (DSB).

Joining Dem Salty Bois, Pat and his teammates -Gar, Wade and JP became popular for playing several games including Let’s Player Multiverse. Together they are able to defeat almost anything thrown at them. Before adopting the name Dem Salty Bois, the group was called Fruity Loops. Pat has also played other games such as The Sinking City, Pokemon Go, Co-Ops and many more.

As he enjoyed a thriving career, the avid gamer amassed a massive following on his eponymous channel. He currently has over 85,000 subscribers on his channel. Besides YouTube, Pat is also popular on Twitch where he has over 42,000 subscribers. He has also collaborated with other players on YouTube such as Markiplier, Garuku Bluemoon, and LordMinion777, among others.

Other facts about Patrckstatic

1. Patrckstatic Once Suffered Memory Loss

According to sources, Patrckstatic worked as a surgeon before joining the DSB crew. Although this information cannot be confirmed at this time, the YouTube star is known to have suffered memory loss as a child. It was as a result of his struggle to find himself that he met different friends who eventually helped him discover his personality.

2. Does he have a wife or girlfriend?

Patrckstatic is a handsome and handsome guy; he has captured the hearts of many women with his numerous achievements as a YouTube gamer. YouTuber likes to keep his love life private. From this perspective, Pat has never been romantically linked to anyone. He may have been in a relationship in the past, but decided to keep this information from public view. Apparently, Patrckstatic would be single at the moment. He hasn’t crossed the aisle yet and has no children.

3. Patrckstatic’s net worth

For a YouTuber whose career has spanned over 6 years, it’s highly expected that Pat has made a decent fortune. However, his net worth is under review and cannot be determined at this time. Nevertheless, it is believed to reach millions of dollars. His wealth comes from his gambling career, advertising and other business activities.

4. height

YouTube player’s height, weight and other body measurements are currently unavailable. However, looking at Patrckstatic, you will notice that he has a good physique and is quite tall. Also, he has a pair of hazel eyes.

5. Other interests

Patrckstatic loves adventure. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing with his DSB teammates or sailing the seas with his friends. Additionally, Pat is known to have explored claims of the existence of ghosts and other supernatural creatures during his adventures.