When it comes to popular meteorologists in the nation, Pete Delkus is not a name to be overlooked. Pete’s deep expertise was duly felt at WFAA-TV, in Dallas, Texas, where he works as Chief Meteorologist. The pleasant meteorologist has attracted many followers thanks to his special approach and attitude to work. His songs of praise have been found on the lips of many WFAA-TV viewers who always look forward to his segment on the network. Learn more about the media personality below.

Who is Pete Delkus?

Pete Delkus is an alumnus of Southern Illinois University (SIUE). After earning his bachelor of science in school, he then proceeded to Mississippi State University, where he earned his master’s degree in meteorology. His degrees were followed by certifications from the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association.

Pete Delkus became part of WFAA TV in 2005 as a weather forecaster covering North Texas. Over the years, it has provided reliable and well-founded forecasts of different types of weather problems, ranging from floods to tornadoes and more. This made him very popular and highly respected throughout Texas.

Prior to WFAA TV, Delkus worked as a WFTV meteorologist in Orlando, Florida. In 1996, he also joined WCPO-TV, the ABC affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio. Before leaving the formation in 2005, he left a significant mark in his precise and thorough work which earned him the title of “leader in severe weather”. He was best known for his cover of the Tornado ’99. Since leaving WCPO in 2005, the trip has been interesting for the WAAF television network in Texas; one filled with many intriguing experiences.

Before the weather forecast, Delkus was a famous baseball player and recorded great achievements as a pitcher. He started playing as an amateur in his city before starting his college career at SIUE. He was a university student and participated in different competitions. When he left college, he joined the Minnesota Twins organization. There he bagged several titles and awards. One of them is the Minnesota Twins’ League of Players organization.

Salary and net worth

Not much is known about the financial situation of Ace meteorologist Pete Delkus. But considering his long career at WFAA-TV, it is believed that he earns a substantial salary from the group. He lives a very comfortable life with his family.

Family – wife, children

Despite his busy work schedule, Pete Delkus always makes time for love and family. Reports say the meteorologist is very devoted to his family. He is married to Jacque Delkus and they have been married for over 25 years, making him a role model for younger couples. Together they have two children. their daughter Emily and Peter, their son. They all live together in Dallas, Texas.

Delkus never stops gushing over his wife whom he considers his best friend. On his 25th wedding anniversary in 2016, he took to social media to pay tribute to his wife, thanking her for being the best friend and partner he could be. There is indeed a lot to learn from the beloved couple.

Like the meteorologist, Delkus’ son, Peter is a baseball player and is very dedicated to the sport.

Other Meteorologist Facts

  • Besides baseball and weather forecasting, PeteDelkus is also a good singer. In fact, he sang in church when he was much younger and always dreamed of becoming a country singer. The meteorologist admits to having a good tenor voice that he has always wanted to use.
  • Delkus is distinguished not only by its exceptional weathering powers, but also for its distinctive height. One of the tallest in the world, he stands at 6ft 3in and has a proportional weight that complements him. Although the character isn’t known, it’s easy to see the balance of his body features by looking at him on screen.
  • Delkus spent more time with WCPO-TV on Cincinnati. was exceptional and received several recognitions from stakeholders. It has won Associated Press (AP) awards for Best Regular Weather and numerous other accolades.