Pe te Dorr is an old head in every sense of the word. In the world of online gaming and streaming, he would be the equivalent of a grandfather. Dorr has loved games since childhood. He is one of the first YouTubers to launch a gaming channel on the platform.

Pete isn’t just any type of games; he is strictly into console games and almost exclusively makes videos around that alone. Youtuber uploads game review videos, live game streams and videos where he discusses general game related issues. He is more used to Twitch now but still maintains his YouTube platform where it all started for him.

Biography of Pete Dorr

Pete Dorr was born on November 23, 1987, somewhere in the United States. The player did not divulge any information regarding the identity of his parents, neither about his schooling nor about his details.

Dorr grew up with a love for games. He’s always been into games all his life. The gamer grew up in a time when console games were more or less the only kind of game that made sense.

Pete is a third generation gamer. His father and grandfather were avid gamers and had been for so long before Pete was born. Some of Dorr’s earliest gaming memories are of playing video games at his grandfather’s house from the age of 4. His grandfather had a lot of games but saved his SEGA Genesis console especially for Pete whenever he came to play. Dorr’s favorite SEGA game growing up was Sonic The Hedgehog.

Fast forward to his teenage years and he tried individually to create and develop gaming websites and forums but they never took off. He first tried his hand at YouTube on October 17, 2006, when he created his eponymous channel. Dorr uploaded a few videos at that time, but it didn’t follow. He returned full-time in 2008. Some of his earliest videos back then were of him showing off his massive game collections. He was one of the first to post content in the Game Collections niche and the very first to post a PS2 Game Collections video on Youtube. Still in his early twenties at the time, he had already amassed an enviable collection of games on major game consoles such as SEGA Genesis, Nintendo 64, Wii, Vectrex and PlayStation 2,

Pete Dorr, as of June 2019, has over 110,000 subscribers, over 390 videos and over 23 million views. In 2008, he released a video titled “A Tour of My Video Game Collection.” The video would go on to become her most popular video.

Over the years, Pete began to spend less time on his channel. This was due to many factors, including school and work. He would take unannounced and often long pauses before resurfacing the same way he left. These days, Pete Dorr spends most of his time on Twitch, but still uploads to his YouTube channel from time to time.

What you need to know about Pete Dorr

1. Pete Dorr is a gaming purist if he can call himself that. He enjoys playing games for the enjoyment of the games themselves and for the satisfaction he derives from them.

2 His gambling addiction led to a secondary addiction to eBay. He loved going to eBay and buying all the games and consoles he could get his hands on. He reviewed many of these games in what he calls blind game reviews. This means he enjoys buying games he’s never heard of before and playing them live for the first time. Pete thinks it maintains the authenticity of the criticism and the excitement.

3. At Game On Expo in 2016, he gave a talk in which he advised gamers not to read reviews on games they are considering buying until they have a chance to play them. This is because he believes it ruins the whole gaming experience.

4. Pete Dorr has spent time abroad. During his studies, he participated in study abroad programs which allowed him to live for a while in countries such as Japan and India. During an interview, he said that it was one of the most enriching periods of his life, where he was able to experience foreign cultures.

5 The player has one of the largest collections of Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise in the world. Guinness asked Dorr to enter his Sonic collection in the Guinness Book of Records. He refused the offer.

6. In 2016, Pete said he was considering moving to Japan for a few years.

7. His grandfather passed away in December 2015 or January 2016.

8 He now prefers the Twitch platform as it reminds him of how small the Youtube gaming community was in its early days. Pete thinks that the smaller the audience, the better the interaction between players and streamers will be.

9. Previously, Pete Dorr was very shy in front of the camera. YouTube helped him get rid of this fear.