Peter Michael Escovedo is a prolific percussionist, musical director and producer. Twice nominated for an Emmy Award, he has also gained recognition as an actor, singer, songwriter and television personality. He has worked with great artists, including Lionel Richie, Celine Dion, among others.

Besides his musical affiliations, he is known as the biological father of Richie’s adopted daughter, Nicole Richie. Find out all the facts about him.

Peter Michael Escovedo: Bio

Peter Michael Escovedo III was born on July 7, 1961 in Alameda County, California, United States to Pete Escovedo and Juanita Gardere. He has Mexican and African American heritage. Peter grew up immersed in the music scene through his deep-rooted musical family.

His father, Pete Escovedo, is a percussionist, as are his siblings, Juan Escovedo and Sheila Escovedo – better known as Sheila E. He has another brother, Zina, a renowned dancer, manager and promoter. Escovedo’s musical family also includes his uncles, Coke Escovedo – a percussionist, famed recording artist Alejandro Escovedo, Javier Escovedo of Les zeros, Mario Escovedo of Les dragons, as well as his cousin, René Escovedo, who is a drummer.

Growing up, he watched his father, who is also an original member of Santana and his uncles perform. Over time, he joined the family business, starting out as a percussionist. He went on to become a producer, singer, composer, musical director and television personality. Over the years, Escovedo has also contributed to countless world tours, recordings and television productions.

As a producer, Peter Michael Escovedo has produced numerous TV shows and CDs and has also worked as a music director for various programs and performers such as Mos Def, Stevie Nicks, Justin Timberlake and Luther Vandross. Television programs he has worked on include ABC High School Musical: Step Into the PictureThe Wayne Brady Show, Fuse ‘s Song of Redemption, and VH1’s But Can They Sing ? Among the CDs he has produced are the records of his orchestra E-Street and Voler vers le sudMoments, Delo, Sheila E’s Sex Cymbal, Revival Center Choir I Still Have My Joy, Phil Klein’s Cruise Control among others.

Peter Michael Escovedo is also an actor and has recorded music for films such as Jack, Dragon, The Preacher’s Wife and Living High. It also has theme songs for some TV shows. Additionally, he has composed, arranged and produced music for various artists such as Barbara Streisand, Kenny Loggins, Kenny G, Ray Obiedo and Marvin Gaye. Escovedo has even toured with headliners like Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie and Tina Turner. In 2001, he worked on the music for the Grammy Awards alongside Christina Aguilera.

His E Family CD Now and Forever (2011) with Joss Stone, George Duke, EarthWind & Fire, Gloria Estefan, Raphael Saadiq and Israel Houghton. Peter Michael Escovedo has performed with major artists such as Celine Dion, Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, Will Smith, Whitney Houston and Edward James Olmos.

He appeared on percussion in the remake of a song co-written by Willie Bobo called Sixty Two Fifty. The song is featured on producer Gerry Gallagher’s latest studio album, due out in 2019. His father and brother, Juan, and some Latin rock legends have also joined in on the recording.

Everything you need to know about the musician

How much is it worth?

The musician/artist has come a very long way in his career. He has played on recordings with major artists and toured with top headliners. He is also one of the best percussionists out there. Additionally, he has been nominated for two Emmy Awards.

He’s not one to have a flamboyant lifestyle, preferring the bohemian way more but no doubt earning generously from his efforts. A definite figure has yet to be placed on his net worth. Nevertheless, Peter Michael Escovedo seems to be doing quite well.

He is the biological father of Nicole Richie.

The world knows that Nicole Richie is the daughter of Lionel Richie and the older sister of Sofia Richie; However, she is not Lionel Richie’s biological daughter. The music legend and his ex-wife Brenda Harvey officially adopted her when she was nine years old. In fact, she was born Nicole Camille Escovedo to Peter Michael Escovedo and his wife, Sheila E’s assistant, Karen Moss.

They had problems in their relationship and thus were unable to provide for and feed their daughter. At Richie’s suggestion, they allowed Nicole to stay with him, believing he would be better able to provide for her. He adopted her a few years later.

Nicole is now a TV personality with a booming fashion business and is married to her rock star husband, Joel Madden, with whom he shares two beautiful children. She is currently worth $10 million.

Married? wife or girlfriend

It has been years since he separated from his wife and mother of his child, Karen. These days, he shares his time with his partner, Patrice.