Prince Rogers Nelson of Blessed Memory was an American actor, multi-musician, singer, singer-songwriter, record producer, and musical executive, known for his electrifying performances, highly engaging numbers, unique dress style, and makeup style. extravagant for the face which distinguishes him from others His time.

He has made music in a wide variety of varieties which includes R&B, funk, rock, soul, new wave and pop. It earned him the sale of over 100 million records worldwide as he had a song for everyone, making him one of the best-selling musical artists of all time with 8 Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, 6 American Music Awards and an Academy Award for the 1984 film Purple Rain

Prince – Wiki, Sister

Prince was born on June 7, 1958 in MinneapolisMattie Della and John Lewis Nelson, of African-American origin. In his family, music occupied a prominent place in daily life. Her father was a composer who also played the piano, while her mother could not be an exception as a jazz singer. In fact, his father called him Prince because he wanted him to do everything he couldn’t. Indeed, he achieved more and certainly had to do everything his father couldn’t do in his lifetime, perhaps in music.

Prince has a younger sister named Tyka who was born on May 18, 1960. Just like her brother, Tyka was also interested in music as she enjoyed the support of their music inclined parents. This encouragement and the mischievous support of his sister and parents may well be the essential ingredients that propagated his first song to the writing of his first vocal, when he was still very young, at 7 years old, at the piano of his father. The song was titled Funk Machine

He attended Minneapolis Bryant Junior High and then Central High School where he was active in football, baseball and of course, basketball, like all Americans. He was good because he played regularly with Central’s junior team. As an adult, he continued to play this game recreationally.

The love between Mattie Della and John LewisNelson quickly declined after the divorce. His mother remarried, which caused Prince to stay with his stepfather Hayward Baker at one point. However, Prince did not get along with him very much, as he often changed his domicile between the domicile of his mother (stepfather), his biological father and his neighbors, the Anderson family, with whom he became friends with their son Andrew.

Beginning of his musical career

One of his relatives, Pepe Willie, formed a band in 1975 which was named ’94 East’. Prince played guitar in the band and co-wrote the song. Just another sucker with Pepe Willie. They recorded several tracks that later formed the album Minneapolis Genius – The Historic Recordings of 1977

He signed his first management contract at age 17 with Owen Husney, a Minneapolis businessman who helped him create a demo at Sound 80 Studios in Minneapolis under the tutelage of producer/engineer David Z. This recording was went public and spawned several record labels, including Warner Bros. Records, A&M Records, and Columbian. Records showing an interest in the young boy.

With Husney’s help and approval, he signed for Warner Bros. Records, which gives him creative control of 3 albums and ownership of the publishing rights. It was good business and the start of great things to come. His first album named For You was recorded in Sausalito, California at Record Plant Studios. He continued to make music with Warner Bros. Records over the years but left at once but later returned.

the size

Prince, while he lived, stood at a height of 5 feet 2.22 inches or 158 cm. He was quite below average height for most American men and stood 5ft 2in. But autopsy reports after his death said he was an inch taller.

Prince’s Wife, Gay Vibes, Son, Family

Prince was associated with many beauties like Anna Fantastic, Madonna and a handful of others. He got engaged to Susan Melvoin in 1985, but they never did. He then married his replacement singer and dancer Mayte Garcia on February 14, 1996. They had a 15-year age difference between them. Their marriage produced a son named Amiir Nelson who was born on October 16, 1996. Sadly, he passed away a week later on October 23 due to Pfeiffer’s Syndrome.

The loss of Amiir and Garcia’s miscarriage took a toll on their marriage after the divorce in 2000. In May 2006, Prince quietly remarried Manuela Testolini, but divorced again in May 2006 , after splitting earlier in 2003. He may have remained single until his death.

Cause of death, net worth

A few weeks before his death, Prince reportedly had the flu and dehydration, but had not taken the proper medication as he felt well. It was against a doctor’s advice though.

On April 21, 2016, a call was made from his home to seek medical help for an unconscious person. Rescuers rushed to Prince’s house and found him unconscious in an elevator. CPR was performed, but he did not return. A paramedic later said he had been dead for 6 hours before they arrived. There were no signs of suicide, foul play or any of those things. A news release from the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office in Anoka County on June 2, 2016, later announced that the cause of death was an opioid overdose.

Prince has an estimated net worth of $300 million.