Popular YouTuber Pyrocynical takes over as a technology platform with its unique approach to video creation and live streaming. With millions of followers and views on his YouTube channel, the young man is indeed climbing the ladder of success faster and is not looking to go back. He is best known for posting parody videos and game commentary with an editing technique. There is so much to know about the tech guru. Find out by reading.

Pyrocynical Biography

He was born and named Niall Comas on May 14, 1997, after his parents in England. Niall only adopted the Pyrocynical name for his online projects.

Although there is little information about his family, it is a known fact that Comas grew up with his parents in England. A glance at his youtube videos will tell you that technology is Pyrocynical’s forte. He started as a kid who always enjoyed making his own home videos, including impersonating other people.

Niall got his start in the online world by starting his own YouTube channel in 2013. Dubbed Pyrocynical, the channel’s first video was titled How to Make Pizza, a parody video. This was followed by another title titled The Death of Thatmaawong. Both videos clearly show the uniqueness and were very interesting and captivating. Gradually, he began to gain notice and attract followers at the same time. Pyrocynical was motivated to do more; he continued to post more videos and gained momentum on the platform.

YouTuber got his breakthrough after posting the popular mlg teletubbies parody video. The montage video was indeed a masterpiece featuring many celebrity clips and different parodies of events. It indeed became a hit and got tons of subscribers and massive views. According to reports, barely a month after the video was posted, the video had already been seen by millions of people and a large number of likes. Niall went on to upload other hit videos like Minecraft School ShotShrek Has LootFunny Montage, and many more.

In 2016, he posted sexiest video on youtube, another video that also made waves on the platform. Pyrocynical continued to feed its subscribers with more and more exciting videos. The famous YouTuber released another exciting and intriguing video in October 2018 titled Lampe Mites Memes (ASOT). The video has garnered over 1.5 million views and over a hundred thousand likes. With over 3 million recent subscribers, there’s really no stopping YouTube’s talented character.

5 Quick Facts You Need To Know About Pyrocynical


Besides Pyrocynical, Niall Comas has another channel called PyrocynicalVEVO. YouTuber barely posts anything on the channel but managed to attract over 130,000 subscribers. The only recorded video on the channel is Crazy Lesbian Tries Makeup in low quality and is quite an interesting video to watch.

2. Controversy

Pyrocynical is not the guy who is reserved or guarded against him on certain issues. He has everything to make his opinion known without worrying about the negative consequences that could result from it. In 2016, he slammed, or rather slammed, fellow YouTuber Sam Pepper for creating and uploading an “inappropriate” angled video, Kill Your Best Friend Joke.

3. personal life

Niall’s sexuality has always been a topic of discussion among his fans. This is mainly based on the fact that YouTuber always posts parody videos defending the LGBT community, as well as issues concerning them. Comas himself has not responded to such speculation either – another reason for his prevalence.

But then something that can remove these is speculated that Pyrocynical is related to a lady named Hyojin. She is an Australian-Korean known on youtube as squizxy. The two shared several videos, leading many to believe that they were in love with each other.

4. Net worth

He didn’t claim this, but Pyrocynical’s network has been estimated to be worth $1.8 million by some sources. Obviously, he makes all his money from his YouTube exploits. With several YouTube ads flooding his page and more subscribers joining the channel, there should be some truth to the figure.

5. height

Should he decide to enter mainstream showbiz, Pyrocynical still has the body for it. The YouTuber stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches. Although we don’t have the numbers for his weight, a simple glance at the parody guru suggests he has a proportional weight to go with his height.