Undoubtedly one of the best-known faces of the Rachel Maddow, MSNBC network alongside Brian Williams, is an award-winning presenter who hosts the evening news and opinion program called The Rachel Maddow Show. The liberal-leaning political ideology journalist is also a radio show host, political commentator, actress, and best-selling author. Read on to learn more about his personal life and his journey to hosting primetime news.

Rachel Maddow Biography

Maddow, whose birth name is Rachel Anne Maddow, was born on April 1, 1973 in Castro Valley, California. His parents are Elaine (née Gosse), who worked as a school program administrator, and Robert B. Maddow, a former captain in the United States Air Force who later became a lawyer. She has an older brother, a brother named David. Her family is of Polish, Dutch, English and Irish ancestry.

Growing up, Rachel Maddow was noted for herathletic ability. She attended Castro Valley High School where she was an active participant in the school’s volleyball, basketball, and swim teams. After graduating, she enrolled at Stanford University where she qualified for a degree in public policy in 1994. The following year, after receiving the John Gardner Fellowship and a Rhodes Fellowship, Maddow s enrolled at Lincoln College, Oxford for his post-doctorate. studies.

In 2001, the University of Oxford awarded Maddow with a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Politics. Before that, however, she had found work as a co-host of a radio show in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Soon after, she went live with her own radio show before appearing as a panelist on MSNBC and CNN. After a few years as a regular panelist on MSNBC, the network announced that she would be getting her own show, the rest being history.

What is his salary?

Thanks to her charming charisma and knowledge Rachel Maddow is one of the highest paid news anchors in the United States. The multiple Emmy award-winning media personality has an annual salary of $7 million. Add to that all that she’s earned from writing a New York Times bestseller and you’ll see why she’s said to have an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Partner, wife or girlfriend, is she gay or lesbian?

Rachel Maddow has publicly identified as a lesbian since her freshman year at Stanford University. The former TV host first revealed her sexual orientation to friends in her dorm room before going public when speaking to the school’s student college newspaper.

As the story goes, Maddow wrote a public letter that was posted in her dorm bathroom after she received some homophobic comments. Following the positive feedback, she addressed the student newspaper with another lesbian friend. She revealed that despite her good romantic relationships with men in the past, she was very attracted to women and decided to fully accept what she had become.

At the time, Maddow’s parents were unaware of her sexuality, and she was supposed to have gone home to inform them before the story came out. However, as things unfolded, the story was published before she could even tell it, as a stranger decided to pass the article on to them. Her parents were reportedly very embarrassed by the situation, but have since come to love their daughter regardless of her sexual choice.

Rachel Maddow has since become the first openly lesbian anchorwoman in the United States to host a major prime-time news program. She also struck up a long-term relationship with Susan Mikula, an artist and photographer known for her use of old Polaroid cameras. The two men first met in 1998, when Mikula hired Maddow to work on his 2-acre pre-Civil War farm in Berkshires, western Massachusetts. Their first date was reportedly at a National Rifle Association event called “Ladies Day on the Range.” They dated for about a year and a half before deciding to take things further by moving in together. Today,