Rae Kanoa is an online sensation whose presence on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram has given her the opportunity to take part in the popular Entertainment YouTube series several times. Teenagers react. On her Instagram channel, Kanoa described herself as a filmmaker, photographer and designer; she loves posing for shots in her free time at different places and she always looks adorable and cute.

The social media personality has a huge following online because she does her best to keep her fans top of mind while doing what she does best. Rae mainly works in front of the cameras on Sundays and sometimes on Fridays. Read his biography and other facts about him in the paragraphs below.

Rae Kanoa – Biography

Rae Kanoa was born in the year 2000 in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. His date of birth is January 26. After turning 4 years old, the YouTuber and his family moved to California, but the names of his parents have yet to be revealed to the public. The YouTuber has a younger sister called Sophia Kanoa. Rae’s parents may have given birth to other children, but it’s unknown if they actually gave Kanoa and Sophia siblings.

Going through her online activities, it’s quite evident that Rae likes to only focus on things that relate to her career. On several occasions, questions regarding his past, education and love life have been raised online but have gone unanswered, showing that the online personality is not ready or unwilling to give information. on these aspects of his personal life.

Facts: Everything you need to know about Rae Kanoa

Although the Teens React star is of American descent by nationality due to being born in the United States, her roots can be traced back to Asia. In a tweet she shared back in March, the online personality wrote that she would love to be one of Tokyo Drift’s hot girls who strictly wore miniskirts and competed in underground street races.

Rae Kanoa is always full of life, energetic, cheerful, playful and dynamic when she appears in her online videos. Apparently, this explains why a lot of people follow her on her social media pages. Apart from being a regular on Teen React, she thrills her fans with her photos taken with her friends at various locations around the city, which has helped her grow her fan base.

On her pages, Rae creates content around her daily life and other entertainment. On YouTube, his channel has been subscribed by more than 11,000 people. Her Twitter account has 1,553 followers while she is followed by more than 109,000 people on Instagram.

Rae Kanoa is a household name among React teenagers – thanks a lot to his YouTube fame which expressly gave him the opportunity to be on the show. And since she started acting in Teens React, she has been recognized by various media.

Teen React is the 2nd reaction series from The Fine Bros. Entertainment’s React series premiered on November 17, 2011 on the American television channel FBE. The reactors on the platform are usually people between the ages of 14 and 20.

Kanoa debuted on Teen React in 2014 in episode 67 of the series (TEENS REACT TO ATTACK ON TITAN) before making fifteen additional appearances on the series the same year. She returned to the same program in 2015 and was featured 33 times in different episodes of the series. Rae made his last known appearance on the show in 2017 during the 153rd episode (TEENS REACT TO HERO BREAKS UP STREET FIGHT) of Teens React.

Rae Kanoa not only earns her money by engaging in online activities, but she also owns her personal bikini line called Kanoa Kinis. She officially launched the brand in 2015 and the business has been doing pretty well ever since. Currently, the Las Vegas born sensation’s net worth is under review.

It appears that the YouTuber is currently flying solo, as she hasn’t introduced any man as her boyfriend to her fans, nor has she been seen expressing emotional attachment to anyone. However, she reportedly dated a guy called Reece Scarpignato. The pair reportedly got back together as a couple in 2017. It’s unclear what prompted their split and when exactly they called it quits.