Ranz Kyle has lived the life of his dreams ever since he shot to fame at the age of fourteen. The young man is known for two things: he is an amazing dancer and a talented YouTuber who has won many hearts with his fabulous content and videos.

Kyle started showing his dancing skills at the age of nine. At fourteen, he decided to share one of his dance videos with the world. His return was so overwhelming that his parents had to enroll him in a training workshop. The young talent finally began his journey to greatness after completing his training. Today, the Filipina star is not only a successful dancer and YouTuber, but also a major inspiration for many young people interested in an online career.

Ranz Kyle bio

YouTuber is the son of Elcid Evidenre (mother) and Lanz Ongsee (father). He was born in San Juan, Philippines on May 6, 1997. He also grew up there with his biological sister, known as Seah (her real name is Chelseah Hilary Evidente Ongsee).

Lanz and Elcid’s son attended Seed Montessori School, a renowned academic institution in Quezon City, Philippines, before continuing his education at Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong.

Ranz was born with a talent for dancing. He started expressing himself on the dance floor at an early age and first came to public attention at the age of 14 after his first subtitled video: Fast Forward-Jai Cko C -Walk went viral on YouTube. His parents enroll him in dance training, after which he begins to entertain his fans with his dance videos. His self-titled YouTube channel has been active since 2011, and Kyle has no plans to shut it down or slow down his activities on the platform.

YouTube may have brought it into the limelight, but many of its fans believe it was his dance video to the song by iconic singer Chris Brown. I should have kissed you that rocketed him into the world. Interestingly, Ranz’s content on YouTube doesn’t just revolve around choreography and dance, but also encompasses various other projects, such as vlogs, tags, challenges, and pranks.

Ranz Kyle’s Family Life

Kyle has a biological sister Chelseah HilaryEvidente Ongsee (also known as Seah) and also has two half-sisters who were born to his mother after she got married for the second time to a man named Nino Guerrero. Their names are Niana Guerrero and Natalia Guerrero.

Like Ranz, Niana is a talented dancer and YouTuber. She has been featured on her brother’s YouTube videos several times and is part of the popular dance group “Ranz and Niana”.

When it comes to Ranz Kyle’s love life, the YouTuber has managed to keep his fans in the dark. Currently he is not in a high profile relationship as it seems he is still looking for the perfect girl who can win his heart. Naturally, her fans usually find it hard to resist her cute smile, adorable looks and sense of humor, but the YouTube hottie has her sights set elsewhere.

The online sensation can be traced back to a few ladies from the past, including one identified as Trisha Lim. However, detailed information about their relationship and its duration is missing.

Facts About The Filipino Dancer and YouTuber

1. Ranz Kyle is also known as Ranz Kyle Viniel Evidente Ongsee.

2. The Filipino dancer and YouTuber is 5ft 3in tall and weighs around 55kg.

3. Besides his sister Niana, Ranz Kyle has also done a few gigs with popular YouTuber Oliver Lance Posadas.

4. In 2015, YouTuber’s sister Seah was featured in his YouTube video: ‘SIBLING HEADS UP CHALLENGE’.

5. It enjoys a massive following on multiple social media. His Facebook account alone is followed by more than 6.8 million people. As of June 2019, he has over 8.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, while his Instagram and Twitter pages have over 3.5 million and 750,000 followers respectively.

6. Ranz is also a member of the Filipino dance group CHICSER ​​at Aquinas School. He is one of the respected members of the group and has danced with them.

7. Ranz Kyle has a Ford Mustang GT. He bought the fancy wheel in October 2017.