When it comes to popular TV shows that media outlets and production companies like HBO, The CW, NBC, and FOX tend to have great shows to choose from with that level of reception. However, when it comes to absolute quality, with the exception of HBO, other networks tend to lag behind. “Smaller” networks like Showtime, due to their lower budget, are much more selective when it comes to their programming of television shows, which results in more quality programming, such as that of Ray Donovan.

Ray Donovan has aired on TV since it debuted on the air on June 30, 2013. Since then, the show has maintained its place among the quality shows among a host of TV shows airing on TV. The show, created by Ann Biderman, ran for six seasons with a seventh already slated for a fall 2019 release.

Ann Biderman’s creation, which served as showrunner in its first season, garnered multiple nominations. Its members have received several awards and nominations for their portrayal of the characters it has created. Prior to Ray Donovan, Ann Biderman created Southland and was a writer on NYPD Blue

Ray Donovan – The plot

Ann Biderman’s creation, Ray Donovan, centers around a man who goes by the name of the show, Ray Donovan. A former South Boston henchman who found a more lucrative role as a fixer for a Los Angeles law firm, helping various celebrities, from athletes to movie stars to businessmen, to navigate the troubled waters of public persona by fixing their clubs in any way they can. necessary. His father is released from prison. He is forced to face a past for which he left Boston.

The plot of the series explores the dynamics of reconciling a messy past with the present and the dangerous world of a criminal lifestyle.

Seasons and episodes

Ray Donovan has been on the air for six seasons, airing its first episode on June 30, 2013. To date, each season has twelve episodes, making a total of 71 episodes to date, with an average running time of 60 minutes per episode.

The first season, for which Ann Biderman served as the showrunner, aired from June 30 to September 22, 2013. The first season, which was an introduction to Ray Donovan and his world, received a 76% rating on the review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes. The second season was rated at 73%, the third improved on the quality of its previous seasons and got a rating of 77% on the site. The fourth season, however, was the series’ lowest season with a 50% rating.

However, it turned out to be a shocker in the show’s quality earning it an excellent 100% rating in its fifth season. Currently, the sixth season is being watched with a 60% rating. The show has been renewed for a seventh season and is set to air in Summer/Fall 2019.

Each season has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray and can also be viewed online at Showtime’s website.

Awards and recognitions

Despite what might be considered a topsy-turvycote by critics, the show was admired by award-winning bodies. In its first season, the show won Critics’ Choice Awards for Most Exciting New Series. Since then, she has won numerous nominations and won many other titles, such as Jon Voight’s Golden Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actor. So far, he has 21 awards and nominations to his name.

Actors and characters of Ray Donovan

When it comes to telling stories on television, a significant balance is needed between quality of writing and quality of casting to achieve greatness. While Ray Donovan certainly isn’t lacking in quality writing, he’s even more notable in the quality of his casting, whereby the show stood against the competition of new shows releasing on various networks. Here’s a look at some of the show’s notable actors and their equivalent characters.

Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan

The title character is portrayed by Liev Schreiber, who has starred in numerous productions over his career, including films like Spotlight, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Sum of All Fears, Salt, and Isle of Dogs. Liev is an actor with a full resume of critically acclaimed projects, from television to film to plays.

Liev is also a director and screenwriter. He put his know-how at the service of many films and shows to embody a character who has become one of the most beloved on television. Although he didn’t win any awards for his portrayal of the character, he earned five Golden Globe nominations and three Primetime Emmy Awards.

Eddie Marsan – Terrence ‘Terry’ Donovan

Many modern fans would know Eddie Marsan plays the director’s villain in Deadpool 2, but the English actor has a resume that spans several years from 1987. He starred in critically acclaimed projects like The Gangs of New York, V for Vendetta, Mission: Impossible III, Sherlock Holmes and many more. He is a major character in Ray Donovan and plays the older brother of Ray Donovan, a retired boxer with Parkinson’s disease.

Dash Mihok – Bunchy Donovan

Dash Mihok plays Bunchy Donovan on the show, which is part of the Donovan family, which is the focus of the show. He is Ray’s younger brother and is described as a sexual anorexic. Dash Mihok may be one of the lesser-known names on the show, but he has a wealth of experience, having starred in over 50 movies and TV shows before being cast on Ray Donovan. Some of his notable past works include The Day After Tomorrow, I AM Legend, Pearl, Greetings from Home, among many others.

Pooch Hall – Daryll Donovan

Another member of the Donovan clan is DaryllDonovan, played by Pooch Hall. Daryll Donovan is a half-brother to Ray and, like Terrence, is also a professional boxer who moonlights as a limo driver. This role is one of the most high-profile roles of Pooch’s career so far, as he has mostly starred in somewhat lesser roles in films, TV shows, and TV movies. . His other notable role was his role as Chuck Wepner in a 2016 biopic titled Chuck. He is also a rapper.

Katherine Moennig – Lena Barnum

Katherine Moennig plays Lena Barnum in Ray Donovan as Liev Schreiber’s assistant. Katherine, before Ray Donovan, hadn’t appeared in many projects with minimal roles in films like Gone, Confidential Art School. She also had television experiences as a guest on shows like Law & Order, The L Word, and CSI: Miami. Playing Lena Barnum on Ray Donovan is her most profiled character to date.

Paula Malcomson – Abby Donovan

Paula Malcomson plays Abby Donovan, Ray’s love wife who along with Ray is forced to face her past. She appeared on the show regularly between season one and season five. Paula has become one of the show’s most experienced actors, having starred in shows like Deadwood, Lost, Caprica, Sons of Anarchy, and ER. She has also appeared in films like The Green Mile, and The Hunger Games film series as Mrs. Everdeen.

Steven Bauer – Avi Rudin

A fixer like Ray Donovan needs a trusted right-hand man to help get things done on the show, that man is Avi Rudin, a former soldier and spy. He is portrayed by Steven Bauer who has had other film and TV experience as an action character in projects like The Beast of War, Scarface, The Versace Murder, Special Ops, Shadows in Heaven, among many others. He was on the show from season one through five.

Jon Voight – Mickey Donovan

Jon Voight is perhaps the most accomplished actor on the show. From the Golden Globes to the Emmys to the Oscars, his career is loaded with recognition for his performances over the decades he’s been an actor. It was this experience and prestige that he brought to the role of Mickey Donovan, father of Ray Donovan and the cause of one of the show’s major conflicts. Her performance earned her multiple nominations for the role, including an Emmy and Critics Choice nomination. He earned his Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Other notable cast members include Kerris Dorsey who plays Bridget Donovan, one of Ray Donovan’s children. Deven Bagby plays Conor Donovan, his son, Denise Crosby plays Deb Goldman, Peter Jacobson plays Lee Drexler, Elliot Gould plays Ezra Goldman and many more.

TV shows, especially successful ones like this, often have big names in the industry making special guest appearances. Ray Donovan doesn’t disappoint with bigwigs like Wendell Pierce, Ian McShane and Katie Holmes.

The show airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showtime.