Gaming has become a major genre on YouTube, and it has produced several stars who are incredibly successful. Some have gained notoriety by streaming their gameplay videos for popular games such as Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Pokemon Go; others, including Rhymestyle, achieved their breakthrough by uploading Dragon Ball Nation gameplay videos.

Rhymestyle started his YouTube career in 2008 when he opened his first YouTube channel. He started posting content on his channel in 2011 and since then his eponymous channel has attracted over 800,000 subscribers. Besides that, it has two other channels: Rhymestyle Pokemon Stuff and The Rhymestyle Games. Join us as we bring you his career and other cool facts below.

Rhymestyle Biography,

The media personality was born on the 30th day of December 1992 in the United States and his birth name is given as Dino K. There is a lack of information about his early life including where he grew up, his parents, his siblings and family history. What we do know is that he has American citizenship and is of white ethnicity.

More so, there are no details regarding his educational background. It is unknown which schools he attended and when he graduated.

The media star began his YouTube career in 2008 when he opened his first self-titled YouTube channel. However, he did not post a video on his channel until November 2011. Early in his career, he uploaded his Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gameplay videos before moving into other games.

Subsequently, he joined the Dragon Ballet community also started uploading Dragon Ball Nation gameplay videos for which he became popular. In addition to Dragon Ball games, Rhymestyle also shares other videos such as Dragon Ball discussions, game news and tutorials, among others. With over 800,000 subscribers on his channel, the player is considered one of the most popular YouTube stars in the Dragon Ball community.

As mentioned earlier, he also has other channels like Rhymestyle Pokemon Stuff where he shares his gameplay videos, tutorials, and other stuff. He opened another video game channel called The Rhymestyle Games. These channels have also attracted a considerable number of subscribers.

Other interesting facts about Rhymestyle

His personal life

When it comes to his personal life, the famous YouTube star has had a lot of romantic relationships. nevertheless, he has not yet crossed the corridor. He is currently dating an Instagram star, Kayla Viola, also known as Keirabug. Viola was born and raised in the United States.

The lovebirds started their relationship in the year 2014 and have been on a strong growth ever since. Although they keep their relationship details away from the prying eyes of the media, they usually share photos of their loved ones on social media, much to the admiration of their many fans. Notably, the lovebirds shared a photo of themselves with NFL star Mike Daniels on Instagram sometime in 2017. They have continued to enjoy a happy relationship.

Rhymestyle’s net worth

Many Rhymestyle fans have been curious to find out how much their favorite YouTube star earns. However, they were left with little to no answers. YouTube stars earn money in a variety of ways: donations, endorsements, and ads; Rhymestyle is no exception either. For a YouTuber of his caliber who currently has over 800,000 loyal subscribers on his main channel and several thousand on his other channels, his net worth is highly expected to be in the millions. That said, Rhymestyle’s current net worth has not been released to the public as it is still under scrutiny. At his current pace, the media star will soon join Markiplier, PewDiePie and Jeffree Star, who are considered YouTube’s top earning stars.

Height and body measurements

Just one glance at Rhymestyle, you will notice his masculine bodybuild and gorgeous looks. However, there is no information regarding the details of his body measurements, including his height and weight, as well as his chest, biceps and what have you. Still, it’s safe to assume the social media star is of average height. He has brown hair and brown eyes.