Although it is already known that education alone cannot get you to the top or make you a celebrity, there are several celebrities who have achieved incredible success despite their low level of education. Among them is Rob Czar, an American social media star who has taken the internet by storm via his YouTube channel, Threadbanger where he shares quirky DIY videos with his wife, Corrine Leigh.

Although he never went to college, Rob’s determination and consistency earned him great admiration and the respect of millions of fans around the world. His channel has garnered a huge following with over 3.6 million subscribers and his videos have also been followed by a huge audience. Join us to browse his biography and other interesting facts below.

Biography of Rob Czar

Rob Andre Czar came into the world on the 10th day of February 1981 and his birth took place in Florida, United States. He is American by nationality and of white ethnicity. Rob is a very private person. So, not much is known about his childhood and family background.

As for his education, the media star completed his high school education at Miami Beach High School. While there, he was said to be very stubborn and also belonged to a gang. Shortly after graduating, Rob failed to go to college and as a result, he tried several things before his YouTube career started.

Rob Czar started his YouTube career in 2013 when he opened his first self-titled YouTube channel, and later, with his wife, a second channel, Threadbanger. On his channels, he shares DIY videos from Pinterest, as well as other videos of quirky pranks and challenges, among others. Since the beginning of her career, her channel has managed to attract a large number of fans and currently has more than 3.6 million subscribers. His videos have also been viewed by millions of people.

Rob Czar’s family

Rob Czar comes from a close-knit American family. However, there is a dearth of information regarding his family, parents and childhood. It is unknown whether he is the only child of his parents or not. While growing up, Czar was known for his stubbornness and mischievous tendencies. It was because of this that he had many problems going to school and also lived in a van for some time during his high school years.

Regarding his personal life, we already know that Rob is a happily married man. He has been attached to his longtime girlfriend and the love of his life, Corinne Leigh. The couple first met in 2004 and after 11 years they exchanged their marital vows. In the meantime, details of their relationship have not been shared with the media. The couple lived happily ever after. They don’t have any children yet but may have plans in the works.

Other Amazing YouTube Star Facts

1. He lived in a van for three years

Although he became a popular figure on YouTube, Rob Czar had a rocky start that culminated in the success he enjoys now. During his high school days, the YouTuber got his first job at Chuck E. Cheese Pizza, where he spent a few months before being fired. Thereafter, the Tsar spent the next three years of his life in a van fueled with recycled vegetable oil. It made him hate a lot of things. According to him, he prayed and hoped that something good would happen every day. However, he later saw a light in her comedic skills and decided to follow her. Today, he has achieved his breakthrough and become a popular YouTube celebrity.

2. He never went to college

The YouTube star didn’t go to college, yes, you heard right! Rob had a tumultuous upbringing and because of his stubbornness he was sent to a Catholic school where he spent a year. He then graduated from high school in Miami Beach, Florida. In a video he uploaded recently, the social media star claimed he belonged to a gang during his college years and due to his poor academic performance, he was unable to gain admission to college. an action he clearly regrets at the moment.

3. Rob Czar’s net worth

Rob Czar is clear proof that determination and hard work pays off. The media star since the start of his career has shown consistency and his creative abilities have made him stand out among other YouTubers. With over 3.6 million subscribers on his channel and over 64 million views on his YouTube videos, Rob’s YouTube earnings will no doubt run into the millions. However, details of his net worth are not available at this time. although it will certainly be in the six figures.

4. height

Rob Czar is a very tall and handsome guy. He stands at a height of 1.93m (6ft 4in) and weighs 86kg. YouTuber has a masculine body structure, all thanks to time spent in the gym. In addition to his black hair, Czar has a pair of brown eyes.