You probably know Rob Thomas as the lead singer of the alternative rock band called Matchbox Twenty. He is an American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer who has three Grammy Awards to his credit. His life was entirely devoted to music and it was thanks to it that he rose to fame and today he is recognized as one of America’s finest microphone artists.

Find out here what his childhood was like, how he was able to progress in his career, his personal life according to his wife and all the other disadvantages that we found interest Rob.

Rob Thomas Biography, Age

Special people are born on special days and Robert Kelly “Rob” Thomas is a special person born and celebrated on the day most people revel in. He was born on Valentine’s Day – February 14, 1972 in Landstuhl, Germany.

His father was a US Army sergeant when his name was Bill Thomas, while his wife, Rob’s mother, was called Mamie. In his family is also his older half-sister from his mother’s previous marriage whom he calls Melissa.

Growing up, however, life would take a turn for the worse for the girl as his parents divorced when he was just 2 years old and returned early from Germany after 6 months. After the divorce, Rob’s mother became very poor and struggled to meet the needs of her two children. She often left the siblings in her mother’s care in Lake City, South Carolina, where life was a little better because her mother ran a store and gas station where she sold marijuana and cannabis. moonshine (a kind of alcoholic drink).

Being in such an environment, Rob Thomas grew up being exposed to the “hard life”. However, he took a liking to country music and had favorites: Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and many others. He got his first musical instrument, a Casio keyboard at age 10, and a friend of his taught him to play it. Around the same time, his mother moved to Orlando where he attended Lake Brantley High School.

He would later drop out of high school a few months after graduation, and at the age of 17, Rob was incarcerated for two months following a conviction for stealing a Camaro car. Coming out of prison he became homeless but that’s when he started thinking about music.

In 1993, Rob Thomas brought his musical talent to life by forming the band Tabitha’s Secret, which featured bassist Brian Yale, drummer Paul Doucett, guitarist Jay Stanley and John Goff. Thomas wrote most of their songs with which they gained fame in Orlando playing in bars and nightclubs.

However, after the band disbanded, Thomas then formed Matchbox 20 with Yale and Doucette from his previous band and then Adam Gaynor and Kyle Cook as new members. They signed their first contract with Lava Records.

With his new contract, Matchbox 20 released albums like Yourself or Someone Like You (October 1996), and their second album Mad Season and More Than You Think (March 2000) under the band name Matchbox Twenty .

Rob Thomas went solo with albums: Something to Be and Exile on the Mainstream (2007), followed by Cradlesong (2008) before teaming up to produce another album with his Matchbox Twenty bandmates called Nord. Most of the songs on the album were written by Doucette and Yale.

Rob then performed several tracks from his new album such as ‘Hold On Forever’, ‘Great Unknown’ and ‘Heaven Help Me’ in 2015. The album was finally released in August 2015 and is titled The Great Unknown

Wife (Marisol Maldonado), Son

Rob Thomas was introduced to his wife Marisol Maldonado (model) in Montreal at an afterparty in 1997. The musician revealed that it was love at first sight, from the moment he saw her and the moment of their first kiss , he knew he wouldn’t kiss anyone again.

Their relationship began as a long distantInitial, Marisol had started to wonder if she really wanted to date a rock star. However, what will be will be as she couldn’t resist the growing bond between them.

Their relationship with each other quickly blossomed in courtship and after a music festival they both attended in Boston, Thomas let the beauty know that he would like to marry her.

Come Oct. 2, 1998, to Serletic’s ranch in California, the two lovebirds were declared husband and wife in a high-profile wedding ceremony that aired on ABC’s Celebrity Weddings in Style.