Ronnie Mund is an American radio personality and professional limousine driver known for his services on The Howard Stern Show. The radio show hosted by multi-talented personality Howard Stern has been around for four decades and has been a Sirius XM Radio exclusive since 2006. Ronnie the Limo Driver, as we’ve come to know him, serves as driver and Stern’s bodyguard, as well as head of security for the Stern entertainment complex.

Ronnie Mund is a unique personality. He has developmental and personality disorders, but became a memorable cast member for his quirky talk, short temper, and habitual presence at strip clubs.

Ronnie Mund Biography, Age

Ronnie the Limo Driver was born in the United States of America on October 28, 1949, as Ronald Mund, but is more commonly referred to as Ronnie Mund. Before hitting the show as a low-key personal, Stern’s chauffeur in 1986, he had a career in the military and almost became a policeman.

Although he doesn’t appear regularly on the show, Ronnie is an on-air personality nonetheless, at least in the Stern world. Regular performers include host, co-host and news anchor Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, writer Fred Norris, announcer George Takei and executive producer Gary Dell’Abate.

As a member of the popular radio show, he received many nicknames to match his personality. They include Ronnie the Limo Driver, Scoresman, Ronnie the Dwarf, Ronnie the Angry Dwarf, and Ronnie the Fidget. Ronnie Mund is known for his work on Howard Stern’s Fiesta de Butt Bongo (1992), Intimate Parties (1997), Howard Stern On Demand (2005), Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash (2014), Unlimited (201 5) and The Week Off (2018).

Despite being one of the oldest members, if not the title holder of the series and many works to his credit, Mund still has a reputation as one of the least beloved cast members of the series. series as far as fans are concerned. He is generally made fun of for reasons and traits ranging from his New York accent to his lackluster personality to perceived sense of self-importance. Also, away from the popularity of the other members, the panels light up with Ronnie’s enemies whenever he appears on the show.

Despite this, Ronnie actually garnered a good fandom, including Jimmy Kimmel. Where his personality failed, his sex tips – which would have helped fans have a good time with their partners – succeeded.

Outside of performing, Ronnie Mund began touring the United States in 2011 with other members of The Howard Stern Show as part of the Ronnie Mund block party. That same year, in July, he auditioned for the sitcom Wheels in New York. He hosted an event in Jamaica called the Ronnie Mund Jamaican Getaway which ran for four days in March 2013. Additionally, he works as a spokesperson for a gentleman’s club franchise known as Ricks Cabaret

The 1.71m tall celeb is a huge fan of Cher music and often listens to himself on the weekends. He is present on social media with over 16,000 followers on Instagram.

Mom, wife, girlfriend

Very little is known about Ronnie’s family but seems to have a good relationship with his parents, especially his mother, who takes credit for her son’s sexual appetite. She also made an appearance on the show.

Ronnie was married to Bonnie Mund but left the marriage, according to his ex-wife on his Twitter page, at 65 to play with whores and strippers. However, he has since had another committed relationship with Stephanie Carney which he got engaged to in 2016 in the most romantic way. He popped the question on the phone live on the Stern Show after a long relationship, before getting married in late 2018.

Golden-haired Carney was born in 1983 and is 33 years old but doesn’t see the huge age difference as a problem. After all, she has always liked older men although Ronnie is still her senior. She graduated from a veterinary technician program in 2018. The duo co-host a radio show called Integrated and have also appeared together on several other shows.

Net worth, salary

A former military man turned professional limo driver, Ronnie Mund first met Stern after driving him to a show. After the ride, he delivered a pencil, a thank you note, to Stern’s house. He was later hired as a limo driver and bodyguard. He has since become the oldest and one of the most popular characters in the series and earns money in exchange.

According to sources, the radio personality and professional limo driver has amassed an estimated net worth of $500,000. Details of his salary, however, are not known.