Comedians have always been vital parts of the entertainment industry. Through their funny stories, they helped relieve a lot of stress, worry, pressure and anxiety. The same can be said for Ronny Chieng, an upcoming comedian in Australia. He is of Chinese and Malaysian descent and was born in Asia.

The comic star plies his trade in Australia and has started to carve out a place for himself in the entertainment industry with a few awards under his belt. In addition to stand-up comedy, he is also an actor and has acted in several films, including the 2018 hit film, Crazy Rich Asians. Want to know more about the comedian? Keep reading.

Ronny Chieng’s Bio (Age)

A multi-talented artist, Ronny Chieng came from Chinese-Malaysian descent. He was born Ronny Xin Yi Chieng on November 21, 1985. The identity of his parents is unknown, and it is also unknown whether he has a brother or a sister. He was born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and grew up in England, USA and later in Singapore. He then moved to Australia where he finally started his career.

Chieng’s training was firmly established with two degrees from his attendance at a handful of academic institutions. As a child and young boy, he attended Yuhua Primary School, Pioneer Secondary School and Pioneer Junior College in Singapore.

He obtained his first and second degrees in Law and Commerce respectively from the University of Melbourne in Australia, from where he graduated in 2009. After these degrees, he then enrolled in the Australian National University , where he earned a graduate degree in legal practice in 2012. There are no records showing that he practiced what he studied; However, he moved into the entertainment business, establishing himself as a comedic actor.

He started stand-up comedy professionally when he moved to Australia. Ronny has made a few appearances at festivals and other events where he performed as a comedian. His first hour-long comedy special was at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival. It was 2012 and his performance won him the Best Newcomer award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In the same year and the following, he was invited to entertain the public at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and at the SOHO Theater in London’s West End.

To survive the tides of life, you have to be resilient and strong. Ronny Chieng’s journey into comedy scenes hasn’t always been easy as he was once booed off stage at an event where he was performing, but he wasn’t deterred by the incident. , but he kept his spirit united and excelled.

He attended a comedy special Can You Do That? No, you can’t also in Melbourne, Australia, which saw huge audiences of up to around 1,400 people. Along with his comedic appearances, he has also featured on talk shows like The Daily Show as a reporter and contributor.

As an actor, Ronny Chieng has starred in several comedy-themed movies and series such as Littleton, Legally Brown, It’s a Date, among others. He co-wrote and is also featured in the series Ronny Chieng: International Student. The series is a television sitcom that is part fiction and part non-fiction. It tells the story of Ronny and his friends while at university in Melbourne. Its first episode premiered in 2017 on ABC Australia and the Comedy Central cable channel.

In 2014, despite his best efforts in the world of comedy and comedy, he also received the Director Director Award and the Best of The Fest award.

Who is his Wife?

Like most men in their thirties, Ronny is married. He dated Hannah Pham on September 9, 2016 and got married to her. However, they have no children.

Information about Hannah is not available on the internet, except for her ethnicity which was found to be Vietnamese-Australian. The couple are presumed to be happily married, judging by their appearance on the red carpet.

Height and Body Net Worth

Ronny Chieng is a great comedian with an impressive look. The exact measurements of the Asian correspondent’s body – height and weight – are not known, but judging by his physique, he has a slim physique. He also doesn’t look out of shape with a protruding belly or dodgy torso. Other information about his measurements is also not available.

Other Facts About The Malaysian Comedian

1. Ronny Chieng has visited many places in his life. He was born in Malaysia, moved to Singapore, then Australia and now lives in Manhattan, USA.

2. He has a new line of socks. The name of this line is not known, however, the comedian is looking for stores that could sell them.

3. In 2012, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald