Ever since the younger generation came to know about YouTube, the American video-sharing platform has greatly transformed many. While most people only spend time on the website for fun, the Ruby Sole, for example, has gained a huge following and improved their lives.

Sole does a lot of stuff on YouTube but he’s popularly known for pranking people for fun. Also, he shares random clips on contemporary topics as well as video game videos on his channel. Online thrill channels have grown by leaps and bounds since their inception. At present, the channels have garnered millions of views and loving subscribers from his YouTube sessions.

Ruben Sole – Biography

The YouTube star was born to American parents on June 7, 1988 in the United States, specifically in Los Angeles, California. Although American by birth, Reuben Sole is of Mexican descent.

Besides the information provided above, other information regarding the YouTuber’s education, family background, siblings, and upbringing is not available for public consumption and it appears that the prankster is in no rush to make known these aspects of his personal life.

Sole named his first YouTube channel Infamous Epic. He would advertise his presence online by uploading random videos to the channel after which he would turn it into a gaming channel. His main channel titled EpicFiveTV featured his first prank video in the month of April 2013 and since then he has continued to attract fans from all over the world. Currently, the channel has garnered him over 2 million subscribers, while his secondary channel, EpicFiveLive, is subscribed by over 230,000 YouTubers.

During his successful career, RubenSole has collaborated with industry bigwigs. Some of them include Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a prankster, and Vincent Valentine, professionally known as Limitless EXP. Around 2016-2017, Ruben and the Valentine had a feud, but for now, they are together again as friends and colleagues. They reconciled their differences precisely in 2018.

As for his height, the Mexican internet personality stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches, according to reports. In 2018, he underwent an impressive weight loss journey that divided his fans over his previous and current physique.

Family Facts

Ruben Sole is a person who does not stop when he starts speaking his mind on many issues through his vlogs on his social media platforms, but he remains very secretive when it comes to matters relating to his personal life. and to his family.

Reportedly, the YouTuber family resides in Los Angeles while Ruben runs his online business from the city of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the names of his parents, siblings (i.e. if he has any), and relatives have yet to be released by the prankster on his YouTube channel or other media pages. social.

Sole also hasn’t shown her parents to her fans in any of her videos, making it difficult for them to be recognized in the real world.

Who is his Girlfriend?

Ruben Sole is happy and single looking for the right woman to call his own. His love interest only exists in his prank videos, but he hopes to one day meet the woman of his choice in person. In some of his online videos, Sole mentions his ex-girlfriend, which clearly indicates that he was in a romantic relationship in the past. But right now we can’t quite say the name of the woman he was dating, which led to their split and the exact moment the two called it quits, with the YouTuber couple very confused about his past relationship.

What is Ruben Sole Net Worth?

Ruben Sole, like most renowned YouTubers, has come a long way on YouTube. Apart from the following he has built online, he is establishing himself as one of the global online sensations that generates a substantial income on YouTube.

Unfortunately, the actual amount of YouTuber made daily, monthly, and annually from his burgeoning career is missing from the picture. Similarly, Ruben Sole has not revealed his net worth as it seems the numbers are yet to be calculated.