Ruby Da Cherry is a famous rapper and a member of the famous rap group Suicideboys which he founded with his cousin Scrim. Together they released several records, albums, and EPs, including: I Want to Die in New Orleans, Gray Ship, and Radical Suicide, earning them a reputation as one of the most respected underground rap acts.

With the growing popularity of the underground scene and the huge success of the rap duo, the focus is on the personal life of Ruby Da Cherry. Read on to learn more about the rapper; his youth, his family and several fun facts.

Ruby Da Cherry’s Bio

Aristos Petrou, often called Ruby DaCherry was born on April 22, 1990 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is of white ethnicity and American nationality. There is no information regarding his educational background or qualifications due to his love of privacy. His love for music started at the age of 7 and he was known for his great passion for the violin and the drums, a passion that eventually led him to join a band in middle school.

During her teenage years, Ruby Da Cherry started out loving rap music but later switched to punk rock as her parents realized that it influenced her negatively. He eventually resumed listening to songs by various artists such as Outkast and Kanye West, before branching out into music. Although his youth was characterized by excessive drug use, poverty and suicidal ideation, he found a way to infuse such deep feelings into his music.

His rise to stardom began in 2014, after he decided with his cousin Scott Arceneaux Jr. (known as Scrim) to found the musical rap duo named SuicideBoys, making a pact to kill themselves if they weren’t. rich and famous at the time of the 30s. On July 16, 2014, they successfully released their debut EP which they titled Kill Yourself Part I: The Suicide Saga, it consists of five tracks including: Kill Yourself, Mask and da Glock (Feat. Trippy tha Kid), Maple Syrup and others. The EP was an immediate success, as it was widely recognized by rap enthusiasts which led to the label of their style of music – Dark Trap.

Following the success of their debut EP, Ruby DaCherry, alongside her cousin Scrim, released 20 parts of the EP in corresponding sequences. He has also collaborated with other top artists such as ASAP Rocky, Pouya and Black Smurf. Their debut album, I Want to Die in New Orleans, was released on September 7, 2018 under the G59 labels and was produced by both Budd Dwyer and Juicy J. currently has around 1.2 million loyal YouTube subscribers. and over 446 million views worldwide.


Very little is known about the family of famous rapper Ruby Da Cherry, due to her desire to shield them from all the madness that comes with media scrutiny. Among the information available to the media, it is known that his mother is of American nationality while his father is a Greek Cypriot. He also has a sister and a brother whose identity is very unknown.

Facts About Ruby Da Cherry

1. Before setting up Suicideboys with his cousin, he was a member of several groups such as; punk bands, emo bands and metal bands, but he struggled to deal with such bands as they recorded little or no success.

2. He often comes off as a nerd. During an interview, he once revealed that he was a huge Star Wars and Batman fan and had a large collection of superheroes.

3. The 2-year-old rapper is currently single and rumored not to be romantically involved with anyone at the moment.

4. His current net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, most of which was earned through his rap career.

5. He can be found on Instagram using the handle @Suicideleopard.