Rudi Bakhtiar is a prominent Iranian-American journalist. She is known for airing top-notch newscasts such as CNN Headline News Tonight, a national primetime show in the United States that lasts three hours. Despite his family’s somewhat luxurious heritage, Rudi has rightfully earned all of his accolades, progressing from the bottom up in his field. She is one of the most revered journalists in the world, not only for her commitment to telling the truth in the stories she covers, but also for her human rights activism.

Lady Rudi reported stories of the conflict in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and other parts of the world. She anchored the critically acclaimed program, CNN Newsroom, and worked as a regular correspondent for Anderson Cooper 360. Much of Rudi’s current work is heavily focused on covering human rights abuses around the world. She was summoned in 2011 to testify before the United States Foreign Relations Committee about human rights abuses in Iran. Rudi currently works at Reuters News, Washington DC, covering the White House, US Elections and the State Department.

Rudi Bakhtiar Biography,

You won’t have a hard time finding that this media personality was born to Iranian immigrants on June 21, 1966. She was named Rudabeh Carleen Bakhtiar after she was born and her birthplace was in Fresno, California. She is the first of three children; a sister to a younger brother and sister. The name Bakhtiar is a heritage in itself. His great-grandfather was Sardar Jang. His uncle was Shapour Bakhtiar, the former Iranian Prime Minister during the reign of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was assassinated in 1991 in France. One of his great aunts, Soraya Esfandiary was also the second wife of the Shah of Iran.

His family moved back and forth between Iran and America, so Rudi’s childhood was split between the two countries. When he was 2 years old, his family moved from Fresno to Los Angeles and, three years later, to Iran, where they remained until the Iranian revolution forced them to resettle in the United States in 1979. .

She completed her graduate studies at the University of California, majoring in biology, with the intention of becoming a dentist. However, she changed her mind after receiving her acceptance letter from New York University Dental School. She also attended Harvard School of Design, where she studied architecture.

Rudi Bakhtiar joined CNN in 1996 and proceeded to spend the next 9 years there working in multiple capacities. She reported on major missions in different continents. Bakhtiar was the anchor of CNN Headline News’ coverage of the deadly 9/11 attacks. She left CNN after long years of service to care for her father who was battling oropharyngeal cancer. After his death, she returned to work and landed a new role as general correspondent for FOX News in 2006. This position allowed her to cover major news on the international front, including the trial and execution of cruel dictator Saddam. Hussein and Ahmadinejad. al-Maliki summit.

Rudi’s time at Fox News was cut short after allegations that former Washington DC bureau chief Brian Wilson at the network and Roger Ailes sexually harassed her on separate occasions. Shortly after refusing Brian’s advances, she was fired. Although the case was ultimately decided in his favor, Rudi struggled to find television work for some time.

She changed careers in 2008, joining the Iranian-American Public Affairs Alliance as its first director of public relations. While there, she produced a documentary mini-series titled Profiles of Iranian Americans which had great success in their communities, as well as Passing the Torch of Success, a community event aimed at raising the next generation of phenomenal Iranian-Americans. Rudi’s strident stance on human rights issues in Iran led her to leave the organization prematurely. Currently, she is working on a documentary about Kurdish Peshmerga fighters resisting Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

His net worth

Through his years of experience with large media organizations, Rudi Bakhtiar has accumulated solid wealth. Reuters News, where she currently works, is believed to pay a salary range of $89,000 to $98,000 per year for their producers, so her salary must fall within that range. She is estimated to have a net worth of $300,000, a figure that will continue to rise as she regains her footing in the industry and takes on new projects.

Is she married, who is her husband or boyfriend?

Not much is known about Rudielle’s personal life managed to keep those details out of the public eye. Considering the huge amount of media attention she receives, it’s quite surprising that the beautiful journalist hasn’t had a very active love life, or maybe she’s managed to hide them well.

Rudi Bakhtiar, to the best of the public’s knowledge, remains single and is without a husband, boyfriend or children. However, it has been previously rumored that she is dating popular TV personality Steve Overmyer, but none of them have confirmed or denied it.