Ryan Bergara is an American video producer for Buzzfeed, the popular internet media and news group from New York. He is known for creating, producing, and starring in Unsolved Buzzfeed, a web series that tells stories of unsolved and mysterious cases, spanning both the criminal and the supernatural. It is one of the most watched series in America.

This Ryan also works as an editor, cinematographer, screenwriter and director. He owns Jamexi Productions, a production company he founded and still runs. Bergara pays attention to cinematic elements that transform series and shows; he strives to always bring this special quality to his productions.

Ryan Bergara Biography (Age & Ethnicity)

The media personality was born on the 26th day of November 1990. Although he is an American by nationality, Bergara is of multiracial ethnicity. According to the ancestry test he took, he is of Japanese, Filipino, and Mexican descent.

Ryan Bergara developed an interest in cinematography when he was still quite young. He dreamed of being part of film productions. In high school, he was very involved in volunteering for community service. He would clean schools and collect food for communities in need.

After graduating from high school, Bergara went to pursue a degree in TV and Broadcast Journalism at Chapman University. The aspiring filmmaker took a job as an editorial intern at Sony Pictures before joining Viacom as production manager. He began to learn the ropes in the hands-on environment they provided and then headed over to Whalerock Industries, where he worked with famed executive producer, Gunnar Wetterberg.

Ryan Bergara also worked as a cameraman for six months at Take One Productions. He joined Buzzfeed in 2014 as a video producer, before expanding his role with the creation of the hit series Buzzfeed Unsolved. He had also directed several documentaries, short films and music videos. Some of his most notable works include Affairs and FriendsAll About MeThe ChangeAuraware, and Casey Wong: Monster Maker Part 1

The talented media personality believes that ghosts and spirits exist in this realm, and it is this belief that prompts him to visit haunted places or places where terrible crimes have been committed. He usually enlists his friend Shane to help cover these stories in his videos.

Bergara’s works and talent earned him significant dollars. He is estimated to have a net worth of around one million dollars.

Ryan’s family and girlfriend

Little is known about Bergara’s family. He does not put them in the spotlight, but rather tries to protect them from the prying eyes of the public.

The video producer who bills himself as the World’s Worst Detective hasn’t been single for long. He has been dating his girlfriend Helen Pan for several years and he is not shy about flaunting this aspect of his personal life. He regularly tweets about her and features images of her in his social media posts. The lovebirds started dating as early as 2012 and have remained a couple. They’re supposed to send wedding bells ringing anytime soon.

Helen Pan’s photos aren’t just plastered all over her social media pages; She also does a lot of models for her website. Rumor has it that the two are going their separate ways, but the reports were false and baseless. Ryan Bergara and Helen’s love is still going strong.

Size, weight and other body characteristics

Bergara cannot be called a tall man, but neither can he be called short. Standing at 5ft 9½in, the video producer is just the right height to match his frame and body.

He has brown eyes, black hair and weighs 150 pounds (68 kilograms). His figure is slim, but he admits he needs to exercise frequently and hard to maintain it. Ryan Bergara does well in the looks department, and there’s no doubt that women swoon around him, wishing Cupid could steal him from Helen Pan. His adorable personality also allows him to charm the ladies.