Ryan Haddon is an American and a popular news anchor, journalist, and television producer who deserves credit for his string of entertainment-based reporting jobs. A graduate of Boston University, she began her journalism career as a journalist, working for prestigious magazines and newspapers and doing other documentary reporting. She won the Ebel Women of Achievement award in 2002. In addition to her professional life, read on to find out everything there is to know about Ryan Haddon.

Ryan Haddon Bio

Ryan Haddon was born in the United States in 1971 and grew up in two European cities, Paris and Toronto, as an only child. Details of her early life, family, and even the town where she was born are not known.

She enrolled in Boston University after high school and finished with a degree in communications. When it comes to the entertainment industry, Haddon knows how to hold her own courtesy of her famous parents.

Haddon is well known for her work in several newspapers and magazines, the famous talk show, The Roseanne Show and ABC’s morning program, Good Morning America. She has also presented and hosted other popular television projects and documentaries, such as Dick and Jack, New York’s Funniest Movie, Fleeting: The Art of Impermanence, Hollywood Heat, NBC’s Extra, and California Chronicles.

His parents and his family

Haddon’s parents are Glenn Souham and Dayle Haddon. Her father, Glenn, was a businessman and her mother is a Canadian model, actress, and author, best known for her books like Ageless Beauty: The Lifelong Guide to Beauty and Wellness.

She grew up with her famous mother, Dayle, after her father died in Paris on September 24, 1986. She is the only granddaughter of Gérard Souham, her paternal grandfather.

Dayle Haddon (mother of Ryan Haddon) (born May 26, 1948) is a Montreal native who speaks English and French. Growing up in Canada, she started her modeling career as Miss Montreal at the age of 18 and has represented several cosmetic lines such as Estée Lauder, Max Factor, L’Oréal and Revlon.

Her beauty and her career in the industry have earned her a two-time listing of Bazaar ‘s Ten Most Beautiful Women. As an actress, she appeared in French and English films and is best known for her role in Madame Claude (1977) and North Dallas Forty (1979).

Dayle is currently the CEO of Dayle HaddonConcepts Inc. and founder of a non-profit organization called WomenOne. In 2008, she was named a UNICEF Ambassador. Her mother and daughter are both beautiful and share a striking resemblance, as seen in the photo above.

Her children and her husband, is she married?

Ryan Haddon is a married woman with two children. His son Jaden Christopher Haddon-Slater was born on April 6, 1999, and his daughter Eliana Sophia Haddon-Slater was born on August 17, 2001.

She and her current husband Marc Blucas married on July 25, 2009 in Pennsylvania after they met in 2008 and dated for a year. The couple seem to be happy and enjoying their marital bliss.

Blucas is an actor known for his portrayal of Riley Finn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He regularly starred in television series such as Necessary Roughness, Killer Women, and UndergroundBesides her children from her first marriage, Haddon and Blucas do not yet have any children together.

Ryan’s first husband and divorce

Ryan Haddon was previously married to an American actor and producer, Christian Slater, with whom she had her children, Jaden and Eliana. She and Slater began dating in 1998 and later married on February 12, 2000, several months after the birth of their first child.

A year after the wedding, Haddon gave birth to their second child. As happy as their union seemed to be, he finally hit rock bottom. They were officially separated in 2005 and divorced around November 2007.

Long before that, the couple had a violent altercation that culminated in Haddon’s arrest by police in 2003 for misdemeanor battery in the home against her ex-husband.

The controversial incident took place around 7 a.m. midnight at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino during their trip to Las Vegas. It was unclear what sparked the argument between them, but according to the police report, she threw a drink at him in an angry outburst in their hotel suite.

Slater was reportedly treated for the cut. He suffered 20 stitches in the head to close the wound while Ryan Haddon was transferred to Clark County Detention Center, where she remained for 12 hours before being released.