Ryan Trahan is one of the few people who entered YouTube with the goal of starting a business. His entrepreneurial spirit and disposition led him to drop out of college to pursue a career on YouTube. He became popular for posting his professional racing videos. Many runners were captivated by the humorous manner in which he presented his advice. This gave him a massive following on YouTube.

His content on YouTube is rich, fun and informative. This has drawn millions of viewers to his channel over the years. If you cannot hold your ribs, it is advisable to stay away from his channel. But who doesn’t need a good dose of funny and humorous videos – that are also informative?

Ryan Trahan, Biography, Age

Ryan Trahan was born on October 7, 1998, to white Caucasian parents in Texas. He grew up in Sugar Land City, with his parents and older brother, Matthew Trahan. After spending a few days growing up in Sugar Land City, the parents moved to Eagle Lake. Everything about him revolves around Texas.

He had the opportunity to go to school. Although he began to show his entrepreneurial qualities at an early age, his parents insisted that he educate himself. At Eagle Lake, he was able to start and finish high school. He wanted to pursue his dreams and so was admitted to Texas A&M University to pursue a college degree.

In college, Ryan Trahan developed athletic skills. He represented the school at a professional racing competition. He was famous inside and outside of Texas A&M University. He cut his teeth when he had a fallout with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The problem got so bad that Ryan had to drop out of school to build his startups and YouTube business.

YouTube career

October 2013 marks the debut of Ryan’s journey of Trahan on YouTube. YouTuber joined YouTube with his plan from the start. He launched two channels, Ryan Trahan and Ryan Trahan IRL. It ran both channels simultaneously. Trahan started by posting a short film immediately followed by a video of his running workout. He continued to post videos of his professional racing events. His chain was slowly growing. During the time he shared running videos, he made an exclusive video for professional runners. In June 2017, the video titled “How to Run a Faster 5K: 6 Training Tips” was released on his channel. The video gained traction because it was fun and informative.

Ryan came up with a video that turned out to be wildly popular, “Loren Gray is lying to you *proof*.” As of July 2019, the video is the most viewed video on her channel with over 8 million views. He also has a few other popular videos that have attracted an enthusiastic audience. Some of them are “I DMed 100 celebrities on Instagram *it worked*”, “Turn $0.01 into $1000 – Episode!”, “I crushed people on Facebook Marketplace “, “The “break challenge” must stop (Morgz)” and “I made a big splash on Facebook Marketplace”.

Ryan Trahan’s net worth

Frankly, Ryan Trahan is a lot of things. He can be considered the proverbial Jack of many trades. He is a Blogger, Youtuber, Social Media Personality and Internet Star. As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of Hydra Collective and Neptune Bottle. He is also a runner and athlete. All of these trades contributed massively to his net worth.

In November 2018, Ryan Trahan was earning $160,000 a year in the north of the country. However, his income from other businesses puts his actual net worth at half a million dollars.

Other interesting facts about Ryan Trahan

1. He is dating Haley Pham

Ryan Trahan has found love in the arms of a fellow YouTuber known as Haley Pham. Haley recorded her own success on the video streaming platform and garnered over 100 million views and over 2 million subscribers on her two YouTube channels in July 2019.

Haley, who is three years younger than Ryan, was a finalist in the Breakout YouTuber of the Year category at the 11th Annual Shorty Awards. Like Ryan, she also has an entrepreneurial spark and currently runs her own company, Girly Pop Apparel.

2. Ryan Trahan owns and operates two businesses

Ryan isn’t just a YouTube star, he runs two companies – Neptune Bottles and Hydra Collective. These businesses started when he left school. It was no surprise, he had still shown a lot of entrepreneurial potential at just 14 years old.

3. He raised $30,000 from Kickstarter for Neptune Bottles

Both companies are doing well. Ryan started Neptune Bottles as a quality reusable bottle manufacturing company to help reduce global plastic pollution. That’s why he was able to raise over $30,000 on Kickstarter for the project. Hydra Collective, on the other hand, is an online store that offers hoodies, stickers, t-shirts, and many other types of clothing.