As the worlds first-ever Sailor Moon-themed group, J-pop quintet SG5 are primed to take the world by storm, and their debut single for Firetruck is just a first taste of what theyre capable of.

SG5 consists of  SAYAKA, RURI, RUI, MIYUU and KAEDE, whose immense talent and boundless charisma are on full display in the new track, as well as its bombastic and colorful music video. The song is an empowerment anthem, reminding us of the flames that burn within us, burning the haters while making us so fiery hot that a firetruck must be summoned to put out the blaze. The video, shot in Los Angeles, even features some sneaky Sailor Moon references. Ahead of todays release, we had the pleasure of catching up with SG5 to learn all about their journey so far and the new video, and heres what they had to share with us.

SG5 sailor moon j-pop group sitting on bech

(Photo credit: Charlotte Rutherford)

The Story Behind Firetruck

SG5: Firetruck is a song that empowers women around the world. The song compares the beauty of every woman to a flame that is so strong that firetrucks must be called. Each and every woman in the world has her own unique flame, and this song gives the confidence to be proud of themselves and to not be shy to express that beauty.

SG5 ruri with red fire theme

(Photo credit: Charlotte Rutherford)

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SG5s First Single

SG5: Firetruck best represents our energy and motivation towards this project and our excitement to finally be able to show everyone what we have been preparing over the years.

SG5 myuu with orange petals theme

(Photo credit: Charlotte Rutherford)

What Firetruck Means

SG5: It is our fans and listeners who always give us motivation and give us the confidence to be ourselves as artists, so we hope this song enlightens them, as well as women around the world, to not be afraid and be confident in who they are.

SG5 kaede with green lightning theme

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On The Music Video

SG5: Everything about the video bleeds confidence, and you can see that, especially in our facial expressions. The destroyed firetruck also shows that nothing can put out the flame inside us.

SG5 sakaya with blue water theme

(Photo credit: Charlotte Rutherford)

Music video shoots in Japan usually go on for a full day, if not more, so we were surprised at how everyone from stylists and the director to the production team all concentrated all of their energy into making the most high-quality video in a short amount of time. We are so happy with how the video turned out, and it is still hard to believe that we shot everything in less than a day.

On the Groups Sailor Moon Influences

SG5: There are elements of Sailor Moon sprinkled throughout the music video, so we hope you catch all of them!

SG5 rui with pink clouds and moon theme

(Photo credit: Charlotte Rutherford)

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