There are as many people who like to travel as there are who don’t. Although the travel and tourism industry is booming, there are millions of people who would rather stay home and watch plenty of TV shows than travel the world with a camera and a backpack. Sarah Kohan does not belong to this group of people. Kohan doesn’t just like jumping around the world; she went ahead to make a career out of it.

Kohan makes a living as a travel blogger who has used to go by the title “Moonstruck Traveller”. Her social media pages are filled with images of breathtaking landscapes and the natural wonders she encountered following her globe trotting.

Admittedly, the travel blogger may not be among the most popular celebrity rows on social media, still, she has built a loyal following for herself. One that continues to grow as she shares her world through videos and snapshots on her social media platforms. Here you will find everything we could gather about it.

Biography of Sarah Kohan

The brown-haired dead beauty comes from the island country of Australia. Sarah Kohan was born in Sydney, Australia on March 6, 1994. The social media personality leads a life that requires her to post information about her daily experiences online every day. However, she has kept almost all information regarding her own growing years and the identities of her close family members away from prying eyes. Apparently, she considers it too personal to be media fodder. It is known, however, that his Australian family has Romanian heritage.

The only speculation about her upbringing is that the travel blogger is an alumnus of the famed Harvard University.

5 interesting facts you need to know about Sarah Kohan

1. Sarah started her travel blogging career in 2016

Kohan has always had an adventurous spirit. She often wondered around her neighborhood on mini-trips of exploration. She was in college when she officially started traveling the world. In an interview with Women’s Health in August 2017, Sarah revealed that she had launched her travel blogging career the previous year, in October 2016.

Since then, her Instagram has been a melting pot of exciting photos and videos of her visiting exotic places. One of the most popular was when she posted about her holiday in Tonga and the exciting times she had. Her travels have also taken her to Hawaii, Bora Bora, London, Maui, the Cook Islands, the Bahamas and other iconic locations around the world.

2. A whale inspired her to turn her hobby into a career.

Not the inspiration many would expect, but Sarah Kohan’s encounter with a whale eventually gave way to her current status as a travel blogger. It happened while on vacation in Tonga. For fun, she had decided to free dive with her camera. While in the water, she encountered a whale and tried to get close to it while taking pictures of the mammoth sea creature. It was one of the highlights of his vacation. And the responses from her fans when she uploaded were all the motivation she needed to turn her travel hobby into a career.

3. Sarah Kohan has worked for many brands

Kohan had a life before his time as a traveler. She had a job like most people. Sarah has worked for Kaohs, the luxury swimwear brand in Los Angeles, as well as for Frankie, the vintage clothing brand. When she finally got her break from social media, she didn’t stop working for similar brands, but this time around she wasn’t an employee. The travel blogger has used her strong fanbase on social media to promote products from a plethora of brands.

4. She meets a football player, Javier Hernandez

While nothing is known of his immediate family, the globetrotter is known to have a relationship with Javier Hernandez, a world famous footballer. Hernandez, known as Chicharito, is a Mexican footballer who has played for some of the biggest teams in world football. He started his career in English football with the principality’s football club, Manchester United. Since then, he has played in British and foreign teams like Real Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen and West Ham United (in England).

The footballer who started his career in his native land of Guadalajara, Mexico has become one of the most recognized names in world football, hence his net worth of $17 million. Before Sarah Kohan started dating Javier, he previously dated actress Andrea Duo.

It is unknown how Sarah and Javier met and started dating, however, the first time they were seen together was in July 2018 in Miami Beach. Since then, Kohan has flooded her Instagram with photos of her and her athletic partner.

In 2018, the couple had a secret wedding somewhere in the United States, a development they only revealed after the fact. It was a surprise for most of their fans. More surprise came when she revealed they were expecting. She was already five months pregnant at the time.

5. She stands at a medium height

Sarah Kohan is not that tall; she would be considered average height for a woman. The Australian beauty stands at a respectable height of 165cm (5ft 5in). She also maintains a healthy weight of around 54 kg.

The woman looks great in everything from bathing suits to flowing dresses. It is to his bodily dimensions. She has a bust size of 31 inches; a waist size of 22 inches and a hip size of 33 inches.