There is no one-size-fits-all solution to social media success. For some people it happens on Instagram, for others on Youtube, and many more find success on a host of other social media platforms. For Sarah Magusara, she started out on Instagram but found massive success on TikTok, the old app known as

Magusara started uploading photos of her daily life to Instagram in 2014. Over time, with inspirations from other users of the TikTok video-sharing app, she created a self-titled account and started creating and to share their own videos. She quickly caught the public eye with her vlogs and lip-syncs, with thousands of enthusiastic fans.

In May 2019, Sarah Magusara revealed that she was going to be a mother as soon as she is pregnant with her first baby. From who the baby’s father is to other interesting facts about him, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading.

Sarah Magusara – Biography,

The TikTok star was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on August 22, 2001. Filipino-born Sarah Magusara announced her arrival under the Leo zodiac. From her internet activities, the beautiful Sarah cannot be considered a private person, but she has not revealed much about her early life and family to the media. Nothing is known about her parents, but she has a sister called Giselle Magusara who they raised her with.

Much has been written about his accomplishments on social media, but the same cannot be said for his upbringing. She has yet to share information about the schools she attended or her school plans for the future. One thing she has left her fans with, however, is her passion for performance. She loves dancing and the majority of her music compilations feature her dance videos. Additionally, she joined the YouTube community in 2016 with an eponymous channel dedicated to her dance videos. Through its POS activities, it has already attracted more than 42,000 subscribers, with more than 2 million views.

Before joining YouTube in January 2016, she had already been active on Instagram since October 2014. Sarah Magusara started by giving her followers details about her daily life through the images she posted every day. She also shared photos with her family and friends. She has over 300,000 followers supporting her on the site.

Sarah Magusara has undoubtedly succeeded on these, but none of them come close to the one she recorded on TikTok. The app, formerly known as, was launched in 2017 by ByteDance for sharing short-form mobile videos. She rose to fame through her vlogs and lip-syncing to her self-titled account. She gets creative and expresses her passion by drawing inspiration from other social media users including A1saud, TheyLoveArii, Kevin Bojorquez and Jelina to create her own videos. Of course, Magusara’s audience loves her creations and over 1.2 million fans follow her on her app.

His salary and net worth

Sarah is good at what she does often, fans are moved to wonder about her age. She is doing well in her current social media influencer career. This is evident in the number of fans supporting her across all the platforms she plays on. Her net worth has yet to be revealed, but she certainly reserves a big bag mostly from her TikTok activities.

Everything you need to know about Sarah Magusara

1. In one of Kicknation’s reaction videos of her, Sarah Magusara was tagged as’s best dancer. there is no doubt. She is perfect and nails every beat.

2. Magusara is going to be a mother very soon. In May 2019, she announced that she was pregnant with her first child.

3. She didn’t say anything about her boyfriend or who the baby daddy is. However, she often poses with this guy (pictured above) leaving us with the wild guess that he might be the only one. Until she says something about it, all we could safely do is speculate.

4. Sarah Magusara revealed in an Instagram post on June 2019 that she was already six months away. Although she didn’t give any indication of the baby’s gender, most of her fans thought it would be a girl and the teenage mom-to-be would do a great job parenting the baby. child.