Vine and YouTube have produced thousands of celebrities – and still do – but some stand out above the rest and one of them is comedy creator Scotty Sire. Scotty was popular on Vine before putting his creative skills and abilities on YouTube. The part-time bartender is also known for his humble opinion on daily events, which he expresses through his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel grew from 1.5 million subscribers to 2.3 million in 2017.

On the vine, he collaborated with a couple of vine stars to produce some hilarious videos. Gabrielle Hanah, Darius Benson, etc. Also, he was able to feature his mother on his videos. In addition to his social media fame, he is an actor who has starred in several films such as Forever Summer (2015), The Pizza Guy (2016), and VDM (2016). Scotty Sire hasn’t won any known awards for his on-screen works and can be called “up and coming” in the film industry. Generally, little is known about this celebrity, however, you will learn all you need to know about the social media personality below.

Scotty Sire’s Bio

Scotty Sire is part of the millennial generation. He was born on April 1, 1992 in Newport Beach, California as Scott Glen Sire. He kept information about his primary, secondary and higher educational establishments to himself and rendered no service in this regard. It is not known what qualifications he has. It is known, however, that Scotty Sire worked for his father in his construction company during his youth. He then quit that job to become a bartender and gained great popularity as such.

He kept his job as a bartender, however, working part-time as he pursued a career as a social media personality. Knowing the internet, he created a Vine account which became an instant hit after just a few years of launching. He gained around 3 million followers before the platform was shut down. He is currently a YouTube sensation, Instagram star, and Snapchat personality. Scotty Sire has about 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel right now. His Instagram account has a drastic number of followers in the range of 800k. He is also an actor who has landed minor roles in a few films. We hope to see more vibrant American celebrities in the years to come.


Nothing has been revealed about Scotty Sire’s family and background. The whole world knows his mother whom he introduces to the world through his online videos. She is of Lebanese descent and is called Crossen Sire, but her father’s first name is not known. The only information provided about his father is that he owned a construction company that Scotty worked at much younger. His only known sibling is Davey Sire, who also appears on his YouTube videos.

Net worth – How much is Scotty Sire worth?

Scotty Sire gained fame on social media from the now-defunct video-sharing platform known as Vine. He managed to gain around 3 million followers on the platform. According to credible sources, he has gained a lot of financial benefits from his Vine activities and still earns a lot more through his YouTube channel, Snapchat accounts, and Instagram accounts.

It is estimated that he earns around $1000 per day from ads on his YouTube channel and a total of $365,000 per year. With over 800,000 followers on Instagram, he is also expected to generate a reasonable sum from this platform. In conclusion, his net worth is estimated at $800,000.

Other facts about YouTube Star

Scotty Sire’s Social Media Handles

On Instagram, you can find and follow him, but on Twitter, his password is @ImNotScottySire, while on Snapchat, you can follow him, imnotscottysire.

Is he gay?

Rumors once said that YouTube and Vinesensation, Scotty Sire was gay. That’s because he once had a roommate named Gary Rojas. Gary has also appeared in some of Scotty’s videos hence the suspicions and speculation.

Who is Scotty Sire? Girlfriend

Rumors of his homosexuality were permanently put to rest when Scotty revealed the name of his girlfriend. Like some YouTubers, he is dating another social media personality known as Kristen McAtee.

Details about his girlfriend

McAtee is also a YouTube star, who goes by the YouTube names Alexandria or Allicattt. She started her career in fashion and merchandising before turning to vlogging. She has a YouTube channel where she posts a variety of entertaining content. Her relationship with Scotty led to her growing career success. The couple seem happy but have yet to announce plans to make the union permanent or have children.