Some of us know Shane Madej all too well as Unresolved Buzzfeed with Ryan Bergara. He’s a known skeptic of ghosts for logical reasons and will always debunk any evidence his co-host Ryan shows him as a possible indication of a ghost present in even the spookiest of places. For this, many considered Shane a demon due to his fearless idiosyncrasy and unique approach to issues in every episode of the hit show.

While some might still wonder if not Madej is like most of us, we’ll answer that question by being objective as he’s always on the show. Learn more about his biography, sexuality and other facts we have collected from the media sensation.

Shane Madej Age (Bio)

Shane Madej began his earthly existence on May 16, 1986 in Illinois, United States of America. There are no publicly available records of who his parents are, what they do for a living, or where they are currently. Likewise, it is also unknown if Shane has a sibling and what his childhood life was like.

Nonetheless, the Illinois-born media personality whose full name is Shane Alexander Madej has become a writer, editor, actor, producer, and most notably, a YouTube content creator. He has hit videos such as “What Your Birthday Says About You”, “We Let Some Dogs Watch TV and They Have Been Positively Riveted” and hopefully many more.

Shane Madej started his career at Buzzfeed, an American internet media and news company in December 2014. His first video was “Unusual Facts About Diet Coke” on BuzzFeed YouTube channel. The video gave insight into a lot of things people didn’t know about the drink, like creating an explosion when mentos are added to it. Shane went on to produce other videos as well as work as a co-producer on a series like “It’s Personal” and also collaborated with other BuzzFeed heavyweights like Sara Rubin and Jen Ruggirello.

Steadily by leaps and bounds, Shane grew his popularity while working for BuzzFeed. It became more popular in 2016 when news company producer Ryan Bergara started a series called BuzzFeed Unsolved. The series is a web-based weekly series that was formerly part of the IRL series before gaining a huge following and splitting off to stand on its own. Along with Ryan and Shane on BuzzFeed Unsolved, the duo delved into unsolved crimes, historical events of an unusual nature, haunted places, and demon owned places and possessions with most episodes coming in comedic fashion.

The location of their films are mainly in Los Angeles and a few other parts of the United States with a couple more having been filmed in other countries. Following its popularity, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej created a YouTube channel for the show called BuzzFeed Unsolved Network. So far, BuzzFeed Unsolved has been a huge hit for the parent company as it consistently ranks as their most-watched show; it’s all thanks to the duo who co-host the show and keep viewers coming back to watch every episode.

While Ryan is known to believe in ghosts, Shane is a known skeptic of paranormal activity. The contrast between what the two believe in has led to the creation of different fan groups. “Boogaras” for those who believe and follow Bergara and “Shaniacs” for those who are skeptical while there are the “Shitfishes” who are not part of any of the groups. So who are you?

Family – Girlfriend or is he gay?

Madej’s career has been immensely successful from the start. Typically, what comes to mind for many people in our society when one is doing well is the question of who their significant other is. For Shane Madej, this same question was asked and we searched for answers and here is what we found.

He is in a relationship with fellow BuzzFeed star Sara Rubin who has been featured in numerous network videos like “How many of these awkward moments have happened to you?” And “To flirt or not to flirt”. A quick look at her biography shows that she was born on October 23. 1989. She started her career at BuzzFeed in March 2014 with her first video and grew to become a producer at the company.

Being that Shane has a known girlfriend, and he didn’t become one, so we can rule out the possibility that he is gay. However, this answer might not satisfy many people. We dug deeper and learned more from a post Ryan and Shane made on Reddit, where they asked fans to ask them questions. A fan asked if they were aware that a lot of gay people like BuzzFeed Unsolved, following this question a few other gay people identified on the thread that they do indeed like the show. This is the closest we’ve come to Shane to being associated with the word gay. If we make more discoveries, we’ll let you know.

the size

Shane Madej is undoubtedly a tall man, he stands a height of 6 feet 4 inches or 1.93m. He has a slim body and has been like that most of the time, we know him. He spots brown hair with light brown eyes.