With over 100 million records sold in her highly successful music career, history will forever remember Canadian singer and songwriter Shania Twain as one of the best-selling female artists in the country music genre of all time.

As expected, Twain started singing at a very young age, however, his self-titled debut album released in 1993 did not do so well commercially. Nonetheless, she rose to fame upon the release of her second studio album – The Woman in Me in 1995. Apart from selling over 20 million copies worldwide, this album earned her a Well-deserved Grammy Award. After that, Shania showed no signs of slowing down as she released her third album titled Come Herein 1997. Her previous commercial success was nothing compared to her third album, which became the best-selling studio album of all time by a female actor of any genre, as well as the fastest-selling country album. sold. The album, which spawned 12 hits, including You’re Still the One and From This Moment, sold nearly 40 million copies worldwide and earned the singer four Grammy Awards.

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Biography, Age

On August 28, 1965, the country-pop queen was born to Sharon and Clarence Edwards in Windsor, Ontario. Her original name was Eilleen Regina Edwards, but her surname was later changed to Twain after her parents divorced and her mother married Jerry Twain, who adopted Shania and her sisters Jill and Carrie Ann. . She has English, French and Irish ancestry.

Growing up was really hard for Twain who had to sing at the bar from eight o’clock just to help with the financial situation at home. Also, she had to watch her mother suffer bouts of depression resulting from the violence between her and Shania’s stepfather.

A student at Timmins High and Vocational School, Shania was already singing for a local band called Longshot. At 13, she was invited to perform on CBC’s Tommy Hunter Show.

After graduating from high school in 1983, she was ready to focus on building her music career. Thus, thanks to her demos that she sent to different platforms and labels, she was able to attract labels such as Mercury Nashville Records, who then signed her. Subsequently, she released her debut album titled Shania Twain after she adopted the name. Although her debut album was not a commercial success, it received positive reviews and gave her the popularity she needed. Her second album – The Woman in Me (1995), established her reputation as a successful artist, selling over 12 million copies by 2007 and monopolizing the charts for weeks.

His next album titled Come Here (1997) was a pioneer. It became one of the best-selling albums in Canadian music history. The album has sold 40 million copies worldwide, the biggest ever by a female musician. It also secured a spot on the charts for the next two years. His next album Up ! released in 2002 went Diamond and boast singles that made the charts. Subsequently, she toured North America and Europe between 2003 and 2004 to promote the album.

Les plus grands coups which is a compilation of previous albums and new tracks was released in 2004. The album consists of three new tracks along with some of his previous hits.

Among her television appearances, she was a presenter at the 42nd CMA Awards, as a guest judge on American Idol for the August 30 and 31, 2009 episodes titled Her Pourquoi pas? with Shania Twain premiered May 8, 2011 on OWN and as a guest on the Comedy Central series. Broad City in 2017. Later in 2017, Shania Twain appeared as a guest judge on the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars where she also performed her song Soldier.

son, husband

Shania Twain has been married twice. Her first marriage was to producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange with whom she often worked. The two men met in June 1993 and on December 28, 1993, they got married. Their son, Eja, was born in August 2001 and in 2008 it emerged that the singer and her husband were asking for it to stop, following Lange’s alleged affair with Twain’s best friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud. . The divorce was finalized and ended on June 9, 2010. Later that same year, Twain became engaged to Frédéric Thiébaud, a Swiss Nestlé executive, the ex-husband of Marie-Anne (the best friend who would have cheated with Twain’s husband). On January 1, 2011, they tied the nuptials in a ceremony in Rincón, Puerto Rico.

Net value

Canadian country pop singer and songwriter ShaniaTwain isn’t called the Queen of Country Pop for nothing. She broke stereotypes with major recorded success as both a singer and songwriter. She also has many prestigious awards to her credit.

So it’s no surprise that she’s smiling at the bank with a net worth of $370 million.

Height and Quick Facts About Shania Twain

Real name : Eilleen Regina Edwards

Professional Name : Shania Twain

Birthday : August 28, 1965

Birthplace : Windsor, Ontario

Nationality : Canadian

Sun sign : Virgo

height : 1.61M

Father : Clarence Edwards

Mother : Sharon

Siblings Carrie Ann Edwards Jill Edwards

Married to : Frédéric Thiebaud (2011), Robert Lange (1993-2010)

Children : Eja Lange

Net worth : $370 million