Her career in the media industry began in 2002 on local stations through which she gradually rose through the ranks. She is currently a sensation in the press world and works as a news anchor with WGCL-CBS46. At the Georgian news channel where Sharon Reed works, she went viral following a case of racial discrimination brought to her by one of her viewers in 2017.

Beyond the above, read more interesting facts about the African American radio journalist.

Sharon Reed – Biography, Age

For someone who has worked in the media industry for over fifteen years, Sharon Reed has kept her personal data, including the facts about her birth, well protected from the public. However, she celebrates her birth on May 12 and it seems that she was born in 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. She belongs to an African-American ethnicity but details regarding her biological family and possible siblings are not known.

Sharon Reed completed the academic studies necessary for her formative years, although the names of the institutions she attended have not been released to the public. For her graduate studies, she attended Georgetown University, Washington, DC, where she majored in English and government, and then Northwestern Univerity to earn her master’s degree in broadcast journalism.

His career as a journalist officially started in 2002 at WOIO and WUAB. She primarily worked afternoon and late-night shifts at television stations in Cleveland, Ohio, anchoring shows for the networks over the next decade, before moving on.

Sharon also explored sports reporting early in her career. In her capacity as a field reporter, she was assigned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, as a sideline reporter for the National Basketball Association (NBA) team for a period of one year. Her job has also seen her conduct interviews with NBA players and stars, but although it sounds like a dream job, Sharon knew she had to move on to other opportunities. She then left her position in 2012 to move to Atlanta, Georgia, where she began working as a reporter and evening host for CBS46 (WGCL-TV), a CBS affiliate television channel. The station and WPCH-TV share a studio and both are owned by Meredith Corporation.

CBS46 is available on Comcast Xfinity and CharterSpectre. The station also falls behind WUSA in Washington D.C. and Houston, Texas-based KHOU as the third-largest CBS-affiliated station not owned or operated by the network. Before the station took its current form, it focused on religious programming, as it was owned by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Sharon’s new job put her in the afternoon and evening shows on weekdays. In 2017, she called out a viewer during one of her regular segments. The viewer had previously emailed him, accusing him of mocking the race following a discussion with his colleagues about two candidates (black and white), running for mayor of Atlanta.

Subsequently, Kathy Ray, the woman who sent the email, was instructed on television by the broadcaster for misinterpreting his words.

Net value

Since 2002, Sharon Reed has been active as a broadcast journalist, a job that can cause you to lose your privacy rights. Nevertheless, she managed to keep her personal affairs to herself and a result, the figures with which she smiles at the bank every year are not known. Just like his salary details, nothing can be confirmed as to his net worth, although some sources still put it at $650,000.

Watch this space for updates on his income and net worth as they are reviewed.

girl and baby

While her charm with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Sharon Reed met several big names in the NBA, including LeBron James. Eventually, it was rumored that she would be dating the NBA star and allegations were even made to conclude that she had a baby for him. Although Sharon has spoken publicly, disproving the speculation, convincing a large number of people was not an easy task, so she left the matter aside.

Despite rumors circulating, Sharon Reed appears to be a married woman but has not shared the identity of her husband. Also, they have a daughter they named Eva, the very one that LeBron James would have been her father.