In the era of reality TV, it’s no longer surprising that people from different walks of life take to the screen to get naked. Far from being criticized, they receive cheers, ovations and so much love for being true to themselves and living in “the reality of their dreams”. One of those who chose to live on our screens is Sidney Starr, the latest diva from the VH1 series, Love and Hip Hop: New York

She debuted in the ninth season of the show and immediately made a statement in the hearts of fans. It would be shocking if she didn’t, not with her excessive persona, her drama-free approach to reality TV, her twerks, and her funny IG videos. Starr learned about his infamous videos and songs on World Star Hip Hop.

An interesting fact about Sidney Starr is that she is a transgender and the first of her kind in hip hop. She would stop at nothing to bring trans beauty to the world. More interesting fact about her than you read about.

Who is Sydney Starr?

The transgender diva was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 5, 1989 and was named Stephen Favors. Obviously of American nationality given his place of birth, his ethnicity is however unknown. She grew up in Windy City and attended Bogan High School where she graduated in 2003. Starr has also lived in Georgia, but is now taking over New York.

She is an Internet TV and reality TV star who is known for her honesty on social media and her punches. She is also a hip-and-go-go dancer, as well as a backup dancer. Although Starr has come a long way to where she is today, she still recognizes that she has a long way ahead of her.

She is a trans

Sidney Starr was assigned male at birth, but growing up, from the age of 5, she felt like a girl stuck in the wrong body. However, there was nothing she could do to help herself until she reached a teenager.

With this realization that she was a girl, although physical appearance was contradictory, she had to work on her body once she came of age. She worked on her face, breasts and back, but decided to request a gender reassignment to become a full woman at 23.

After her transformation, Starr fully embraced her body and is completely smitten with her new physique. She is very open about her journey as a way to bring trans beauty to the world. She calls herself The Transgender Diva and is a strong advocate for body positivity.

Television appearances

Although she recently debuted on LHHNW, she has had a television presence. Starr has performed on a number of television shows, including the hit VH1 show, Team Black Ink: Chicago where she had her belly button pierced.

We’re going to assume that Sidney Starr lives to be on television. She started out as a twerker on WorldStar, then graduated to backup dancing. Then she had ambitions to become an actor on a reality TV show and make a splash on social media. Starr has since filled her resume with a number of hit TV shows and a massive following.

She has featured in Lifetime’s Atlanta in Plastic, E! ‘s Botched and FOX Star. Others include Maury, Girlfriends, and Champagne and have also hosted Pride events.

In addition to appearing on television, Sidney Starr has expressed interest in owning his own reality show. Of course, she has a lot more to leave us in her life and her journey. While waiting for this to happen, she does not leave us without action. Starr is still doing her infamous twerk and pursuing a career in music while aspiring to become the first successful trans woman in hip hop. She has released songs like errthangI’m here now, and We got it on her YouTube channel.

She tried to ruin someone’s reputation and career in the past

That someone is the Right Turn rapper, Chingy. In 2010, Starr claimed the rapper knew she was transgender but decided to strike up a romantic relationship with her anyway. He always denied but unfortunately, the denial did not prevent the decline of his fame. They met two years earlier at a Ludacris concert and took a photo together, fan- and star-style.

In 2012, the transgender diva claimed to have done all the drama’s plot in place and that nothing as such ever happened between them. She came with the truth which implies that everything she did and said was a ploy to take a shot at the spotlight. Even though she got what she wanted at the time, after all, she made the headlines which was good for her career, but she said it was a mistake, a mistake she could easily fix. if she could go back. Unfortunately, she could only apologize instead.

Sidney Starr shared the spotlight with other celebrities

Starr rubbed shoulders with well-known personalities, including the one and only Queen Latifah whom she starred alongside Star, Snoop Dogg, Blac Chyna, Amber Rose and Cardi B.

Height, weight, measurements

She reportedly spent $13,000 on her gender reassignment surgery and $5,000 to get breast implants, in addition to other expenses she incurred to get the desired face and buttocks. She loves to push herself at every opportunity and will strive to prove just how special she is as a trans person.

Her other measurements are not listed, but she is 5ft 5in and weighs 57kg.

Social media profile

Sidney has a presence on various social media platforms as well as commands a large following. She is called Sidney Starr Favors on Facebook and @sidneystarrbad on Instagram, where she has over 212,000 followers. On her YouTube channel, she has amassed over 25,000 subscribers and over 32,000 fans on Twitter.