Sig Hansen is a fisherman by profession and co-owner and captain of the Northwest Fishing Vessel. He found fame on the long-running Discovery Channel documentary series Deadliest Catch and has been featured on the show since its debut season. In addition to his primary role, he is also a production technical advisor. Beyond his thriving fishing business, Hansen is also an author, voice actor, and reality TV star.

Who is Sig Hansen? Bio & Age

This famous fisherman was born Sigurd JonnyHansen on April 28, 1966 in Seattle, Washington. He was called Sigurd after his grandfather. He is of Norwegian origin and speaks the language very well. He is the eldest of his parents’ three children and grew up alongside his two younger brothers, Norman and Edgar. Born into a long line of anglers, Hansen’s father and grandfather are believed to have invented opili crab fishing in Alaska.

He got involved in the family business when he was just a little boy serving as a deckhand on his father’s boat. He finally started fishing in his early teens and worked his way up the fishing industry. He attended Shorewood High School in Shoreline, Washington, and reportedly skipped school several times just to fish. He became a full-time fisherman after graduating from high school and began fishing year-round. He spends up to 10 months fishing in Alaska and the Bering Sea and spends a few summers in Norway.

Sig Hansen began serving as relief skipper on the F/V North West vessel at the age of 22, and at age 24 he became the vessel’s full-time captain. He has an excellent track record since he started leading the North West several decades ago. The boat was very productive in terms of output and maintained a superb safety record. The injury rate has dropped significantly over the years and there has not been a single fatality at sea since Hansen began operating the vessel.

Hansen achieved celebrity status when he was featured in the Deadliest Catch documentary television series which premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2005. The show features real-life events on fishing vessels on the dangerous Bering Sea during the various fishing seasons. Hansen ‘s Northwest The Ship won the titles for both the highest pound caught and the highest amount of money earned in the show’s first two seasons, making it a favorite with viewers.

Net value

Sig Hansen’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. As expected, most of his wealth comes from his illustrious fishing business which he has devoted his entire life to. However, he also participated in several other projects. He is an author who published his first book North By Northwestern: A Sailor Family on Murderous Alaskan Waters in March 2010. Also an actor, Hansen had a role in the Disney animated film Cars 2 (2011) in which he voiced a boat character named Crabby. He also guest-starred on season 14 of Donald Trump’s game show The Celebrity Apprentice

Family Life: Wife and Daughters

June Hansen is the wife of Deadliest Catch star, Sig Hansen. Details about their union are not particularly known to the public, although it has been featured a few times on television. Deadliest Catch TV Series. The couple have two adopted daughters, Nina and Mandy. Sig Hansen also has a biological daughter, Melissa, from his previous marriage to Lisa Eckstrom.

Sig Hansen’s daughter, Mandy, joined the family fishing business at the age of 18, becoming the first woman to join the crew aboard her father’s vessel. She has been married since 2017 to Clark Pederson.

Is Sig Hansen dead?

Sig Hansen is very much alive and well. He had a heart attack on his boat in March 2016, which was broadcast on the Discovery Channel website. Deadliest Catch. However, he recovered in time for the show following season. Starring in the series also comes with a lot of risk, as the cast has suffered many deaths over the years. Hansen also suffered another heart attack in 2018, which he also survived.