SOB X RBE is a rap group made up of four incredible American talents who have been making waves in the music industry since early 2016. According to the stars, SOB X RBE simply stands for Strictly Only Brothers x Real Boi Entertainment and the group is made up by Wayman Barrow (Da Boii), Jabbar Brown (Slimmy B), Juwon Lee (Yhung TO) and Graham Harris (Lul G).

Ever since the music group broke into mainstream success, they have gone ahead to record commendable feats in the industry. In addition to participating in several tours in the United States, SOB X RBE has also given interviews to the famous entertainment media brand Billboard and New York magazine The Fader.

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The rap group was formed in a California town called Vallejo in 2016 when four childhood friends got together and started recording songs for their fans online. Shortly after their style and songs went viral, they immediately caught the attention of fellow rappers and the public, including Sage the Gemini (born Dominic Wynn Woods), a rapper, singer and songwriter from the Bay Area.

The rapper not only took a special interest in young boys, but also accompanied them several times and introduced them to a large number of other famous rappers. SOB X RBE’s popularity began to skyrocket after additional tracks by the group such as Anti, On My Mom, Different, and Non Amour became fan favorites due to the strength of their rapping styles.

SOB X RBE released their self-titled mixtape in 2016, which prompted most of their members to collaborate with other artists and release their personal mixtapes. Their next project became Gangin (their debut album) which dropped in 2018. This was followed by their second album titled Gangin II which was released at the end of 2018.

The foursome earned their big win the same year after making a placement on the track. Paramedic who was used in the hit movie, Black Panther. The young rappers, primarily into Hyphy and West Coast hip-hop, are tied to popular labels Def Jam and EMPIRE.


SOB X RBE is made up of American rappers Slimmy B, Yhung TO, Lul G and DaBoii.

Born Jabbar Brown on February 26, 1997, Slimmy B hails from Vallejo, California. The rap artist is a graduate of Vallejo High School (2015), as well as the mastermind behind the hits Paper Route, Bling Blaow, Call On, J’aime, Ballin and Opp Shit that came from his albums.

Yet another Vallejo native, Yhung TO was born on December 7, 1998. Originally born Juwon Lee was inspired by his late uncle (Lamont) and little brother. He is best known as the lead singer of SOB X RBE. The hip-hop entertainer has a slew of albums to his credit, including Legendary Gangland – EP, Before The Fame, Fire, Humble Beginnings, Trust Issues, and On My Momma 2. TO would be married to a woman called Aramonii.

The third member of the group is Lul G, who was born on November 14, 1998 in North Vallejo, California, George Harris. The rapper is best known for his debut album titled Yhung Nigga World which was released in 2017. Besides that, he also has two other albums titled: Zitpunkt and J usqu’ici tout va bien.

DaBoii, the latest member of SOB X RBE was born on August 14, 1997, in Vallejo. He dropped his first solo mixtape titled YWN (Young Wild Nigga), in 2017. The mixtape featured guest appearances from other members of his rap group as well as aspiring rappers such as OMB Peezy and Young Pinch.

Musical Group Facts

1. The group was originally created by Lul G and Slimmy B, who were later joined by Daboii and Yhung TO They decided to join forces after the music video for the song Prudent was successfully shot by Daboii and TO

2. SOB X RBE’s very first show was at the Boys & Girls Club in North Vallejo.

3. Young rappers started their musical career by recording their songs with a telephone recorder.

4. The group has thousands of subscribers and millions of views on their YouTube channel (SOB X RBE).

5. SOB X RBE recently released an album titled: Family Not a Group.