The 2000s saw the announcement of YouTube’s celebrity era. A time when people achieved celebrity status simply by posting interesting content and building their following on the platform. This era saw the emergence of star individuals like Logan Paul and PewDiePie and bands like Perfect Dude and the once mighty SAK Channels. The collective known as the Vlog Squad falls into this same category.

However, they are unique in that they don’t really have a dedicated channel or even a group channel. The Vlog Squad is simply a group of former Vine stars who frequently feature on David Dobrik ‘s Youtube channel, who is widely accepted as the leader of the pack. All of the members are currently YouTube stars in their own right, with some even having bigger followings than David. Let’s take a closer look at the members of the Vlog team.

Squad Vlog – Who are the members?

This group has so many members and it’s hard to keep track of them all. However, the cast boasts names such as David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, Jason Nash, Trisha Paytas, and Josh Peck.

The Youtuber is Slovak by birth and heritage. He was born in Kosice, Slovakia before his family moved to Chicago when he was still a child. He has three younger siblings, Sara, Toby and Ester. David started on Vine and got seven figures before it shut down. Prior to Vlog Squad, he was part of a YouTube collaboration group known as Second Class. As of June 2019, his YouTube channel has over 12 million subscribers.

He dated Liza Koshy for 3 years, ending in 2018.

The Youtuber and actress has an even bigger fanbase than her ex-boyfriend, Dobrik. She has two older sisters, Olivia and Rachel. The Texas-born woman began her acting career playing Violet Adams in Bizarre. She won the Breakout Creator Award at the 2016 Streamy Awards.

The oldest member of the Vlog Squad Ensemble, Nash was born in 1973. He is a filmmaker and comedian best known for his web series. Jason Nash is married. He has worked with Oxygen, CBS and IFC. Jason has a son with his ex-wife, Wyatt, and he was dating Vlog Squad member Trisha Paytas.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1991, Gabbie comes from a large family of six siblings, including her sister Cecilia Hanna, a social media influencer. She has over 6 million YouTube subscribers and released her debut single “Out Loud” in 2017.

Apart from her millions of YouTube subscribers, she is also a lingerie model and a dancer. Her mother and half-sister are also YouTubers. Trisha has collaborated frequently with YouTube great Shane Dawson.

Josh is a Nickelodeon star and former Viner. He won Favorite Male TV Channel star for his role on the Drake and Josh Channel at the 2008 UK UK Kids Choice Award He is also known for playing Gerald on the FOX comedy series Grandfather 

Another member of the vlogging team with a seven-figure subscriber count on YouTube. His fame also dates back to his days on the Vine app. Scotty is a musician, he released his debut studio album Ruin Your Party in 2018. He has four brothers and he is dating fellow social media personality, Kristen McAtee.

Ernst started on YouTube long before joining Vine. He is also a director, actor and writer. Since 2018, he has been dating Emily Seawright.

His real name is Nik Keswani. He had millions of followers on Vine and followed suit on YouTube. BigNik is also building a career as a rapper.

Other band members include HeathHussar, Zane Hijazi, Durte Dom, Matt King, Nick Antonyan, Seth Francois, Toddy Smith, Corinna Kopf, Brandon Calvillo, Carly Incontro, Kristen McAtee and Erin Gilfoy.

Vlog Group Info, Questions & Facts

  1. There are many well-documented relationships and “Bestfriendships” in the band, past or present. They include David and Liza, Jason and Trisha, Scotty and Kristen, Corinna and Todd, Seth and Dom, Zane and Heath, Carly and Erin, Scott and Todd, and David and Jason.
  2. David Dobrik may be the team leader, but he also has a second channel where he posts stuff that doesn’t really fit into his blogging channel. It is on this channel that he expresses his obsession for his Tesla.
  3. The whole Vlog team did a tour called “Views Tour”. It was born from the podcast of Jason and Dobrik Vues
  4. The Vlog Squad is like a close-knit family. However, many of them love to bring their real family members into their Vlog team videos whenever they can.
  5. Nick’s little brother, Vardan, is the youngest member of the Vlog team and Jason Nash is the oldest of the collective. There is a 32-year age difference between Jason and Vardan.