Stephanie Mead is one of the very familiar faces on American television, popular for being a weather forecaster and morning traffic announcer. She has also had the privilege of reporting with a number of news stations including: KMVT-TV and NBC 26. Her apparent reporting skills on NBC 26 earned her a Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmy Award nomination in 2017. In 2018, she began working as a weather and traffic host for Indianapolis on WISH-TV Track 8. team. Here are more interesting facts about her.

Stephanie Mead’s Biography, Age

Stephanie Mead was born in Chicago, Illinois on March 28. Most of the information about her childhood is very scanty as she didn’t give many details about her interest, sadness, or friends. However, information about his upbringing is known. She was enrolled at Hinsdale South Secondary School. After leaving high school, Stephanie Mead was admitted to Northern Illinois University where she studied geography with a minor in journalism. She just has two sisters named Emily Mead and Brittany Mead.

In 2012, Stephanie Mead had the opportunity to intern program for WTVO-TV Channel 17 for just three months. She went on to describe the experience as invaluable as she learned a lot and met some amazing people. At that time, she was still an undergraduate student. Upon returning to school, she began her career after being hired as a weather host at the Northern Television Center, located in DeKalb, Illinois. Although stressed about balancing work and studies, she kept going until she graduated in 2013.

After graduating, she found a job as a weather reporter and presenter with KMVT-TV located in Twin Falls, Idaho. After working for a time under Brian Neudorff (who was the stations’ chief meteorologist), Stephanie Mead took over to begin presenting weather information on weekend nights.

Stephanie then joined NBC 26 in Green Bay, Wisconsin in April 2015. This move was made in an effort to be closer to her family in the country who resided in the Midwest. She remained at the station for two years where she provided interesting reporting and accurate weather forecasts. More so, she did so while facing harsh weather conditions, especially when she reported news of thunderstorms and blizzards from Lambeau Field.

In April 2017, she became the track and weather presenter for WISH-TV’s Track 8 Team storm. The same year, for her work with NBC 26 as a reporter, she was honored with a Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmy Awards nomination.

Family – Is she married and does she have children?

The gorgeous Stephanie Mead is a woman who stands out on screen every time she presents the news. No doubt her on-screen charms have certainly won her more admirers than she could handle. Nevertheless, she was taken by a lucky man, simply known as Todd McMahon. Although many details about his partner are not known due to his desire not to reveal his private life, the date of his marriage is known. She got married on September 26, 2018. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding whether she has children or not. Hope Stephanie sheds more light on this.

Body measurements

Talking about Stephanie Mead’s body measurement, there are no details about her height or weight. Nevertheless, there was some debate over the size of her breasts. This debate was never won by anyone, because Stephanie never revealed such information. Despite her appearance, it is clear that she likes to stay in shape as her figure is just about the right proportion.

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other facts

  • Stephanie Mead is an animal lover, but her love for German Shepherds is on a different level. In fact, she has one named Boo-Boo.
  • She also likes to walk in her neighborhood whenever she can because she appreciates very beautiful landscapes.
  • In her downtime, she either turns to reading her favorite book, shopping or just working out.
  • One thing she hasn’t gotten over is her penchant for animated films from the stable of Disney studios.
  • Additionally, Mead is a very popular media personality on social media as she has over 7,000 Facebook followers, 3,500 Twitter followers, and 2,500 Instagram followers.