Stephanie Sanzo is an Australian born personal trainer, physical trainer and all-around fitness guru. Sanzo, a true social media star, shares her fitness journey with her millions of followers and followers on various social media platforms as she inspires and guides people around the world to start their own journey to fitness. She belongs to the class of 21st century celebrities who wield massive influence on the internet and beyond.

Stephanie Sanzo: Biography, Age

Stephanie Sanzo was born on April 2, 1987. She lives in the coastal city of Geelong, in the state of Victoria, Australia. Growing up in her teens and early adulthood, she had no interest in fitness or bodybuilding. However, following the birth of her first child, she discovered that she had put on a lot of weight and had regained the form she had taken for exercising.

Over the years, she became more passionate about fitness, she ran no less than 10 km a day. She became so engrossed in all things fitness that it became a way of life and a full-time career for her.


Stephanie Sanzo has taken to exercise and physical fitness to recover her body after gaining an astonishing 25 kg during her first pregnancy. At that time, all she had to do was find her little body before the pregnancy.

After giving birth to her second child early in her 20s, she found she could no longer perform running exercises after suffering pelvic prolapse during childbirth. Faced with this seemingly insurmountable challenge, Sanzo resorted to weight training to achieve his desired body goals.

She started this new chapter of her fitness journey from the comfort of her home and soon after, she signed up for a gym. She also dreamed of participating in bodybuilding competitions, so she hired a fitness trainer. In addition to physical exercises, she also overhauled her diet by opting for much healthier options.

In 2013, Sanzo entered for her first bodybuilding competition where she finished as the first runner-up. However, after her 4th competition, she had disastrous health consequences and decided to take a break from fitness competitions. She then started working as a personal trainer. She also conducted research there to develop more effective training plans for her clients.

She eventually joined Instagram as a way to share her success story and inspire people around the world, especially women, to take charge of their own bodies. Social media opened a new chapter in her career by putting her in the spotlight and turning her into an internet sensation.

His family life and relationship

Stephanie Sanzo is engaged to Jamie Bisset, a fellow fitness trainer and social media star. He launched the ‘Strongbiz Coaching’ YouTube channel in July 2018. Sanzo has two children from his first marriage. Her first child is a son named Diezel and her second child is a daughter named Maya. This proud mother of two is also called “Steph Fit Mum”.

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Fitness Trainer Facts

• Stephanie Sanzo has amassed over a million followers on Instagram and her influence extends to other social media platforms as well.

• The fitness trainer has scored major endorsement deals with fitness brands like Primeval Labs as well as Gymshark. She created a program called “BUILD” on the Sweat app, which helps women improve their lifting performance. She is also one of the trainers of the application, considered the largest digital gym in the world.

• Although her achievement seems so inspiring, this social media star also faced several challenges to reach the top. She suffers from irritable bowel syndrome which limits the choice of foods she can eat. She is also battling pelvic floor issues resulting from her second pregnancy.

• Stephanie Sanzo is 5 feet (153 cm) tall. She weighs about 57 kg. She is known to spend all her time lifting weights and she does not perform any cardio exercises. According to the fitness expert, performing the right type of strength training produces the same results as cardio exercises.