This may be some long-awaited comic relief Stephen Colbert is in the building or rather on your screen. Just in case you’ve never heard of him before, here’s a quick rundown, you can thank us later. Born May 13, 1964, Stephen Tyrone Colbert is a comedian, writer, producer, actor, media critic and television host. He could well win the title of “Jack of all trades” from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Stephen was interested in improvisational theater although he originally studied to be an actor. In his first professional production, he was Steve Carell’s understudy in Second City Chicago. His starring role was as gay history teacher Chuck Noblet on the show ‘Strangers With Candy’. Despite this, it was Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” that introduced him to a wider audience.

These days he hosts a late night TV show on CBS, taking over from David Letterman since September 8, 2015. You may have stumbled upon ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’, his pure parody news and amazing to watch if you want a lighter side of exhausting problems. Without further ado, let’s look at his stats.

Stephen Colbert’s Height

If you’ve been asked to take a wild guess, we’re sure you’re not likely to hit the right answer because Stephen Colbert’s height isn’t all that exaggerated. There’s no shortage of the TV host and comedy icon, standing at 5ft 11in. In case you need a baton, we have two. Actors such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Orlando Bloom share the weight of Stephen Colbert. You see, it’s like we said, it’s not short at all.

As recently as 2014, Stephen Colbert has achievedhim enough attention. Jokingly, he threatened to sue Google and its CEO, Larry Page, for typing his poor pitch on the search engine. We believe his words were: ‘I demand a recantation, investigation, apology and substantial cash settlement, or I’ll see your ass in court.’ Every inch counts, people, apparently they got it brought an inch below his actual size and the TV show host had none.

There’s obviously a thin line between comedy and rude because the comedian almost got away with saying, “Seriously, 5’10”? These are numbers from Matt Damon. It’s over there in the stale air that Johnny Depp is sucking. These guys represent the lollipop guild. “He went on to say he was a reasonable man and then added, ‘I’m not asking to be on the circus freak list like Conan O’Brien at 6’4. “

Google’s response is summarized in the image below, five-year-old Larry at the top showing it.

Weight of Stephen Colbert

Stephen leads a healthy lifestyle, routinely exercising and eating the essentials. The exercises he does include running which he usually does in the morning for at least 30 minutes. He also occasionally walks on his treadmill and for that we give him a push.

When it comes to his diet, Stephen has a healthy and balanced diet which weighed him in at 82kg. Usually he takes carbs with ease, as we all should. A typical Stephen Colbert breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal with milk, and his lunch is usually high in protein. He also makes sure to always drink plenty of water to keep his body well hydrated. This hydration thing seems like a big deal and it’s time we joined that wagon.

It’s a wonder the TV talk show host isn’t overweight, although he can lead a healthy lifestyle at home, he constantly eats on his show. Whether he’s tasting dog food, eating a piece of butter, or smoking a pipe full of bacon, the comedian has plenty of cheat days onscreen.

Stephen Colbert’s measurements

Unfortunately, in our predicament gleaning Stephen Colbert’s height, weight, and body measurements isn’t right for you, we’re behind on the “measurements” part. The comedian’s measurements aren’t there, but we didn’t come away empty-handed.

Stephen wears a size 11, European size 41-42 and UK size 8.5. We hope we haven’t saved centimeters, kilograms or centimeters, because Google takes the crown for brilliant returns and we don’t think we can compete.