The political landscape in the United States has been more polarized than at any time in recent history since President Trump took office in 2017. As with every president before him, opposition and allies are the two non-negotiable sides of the coin he inherited. For Trump, one of the people who has stood as an ally since before he took office is Steve Cortes.

Cortes is a television broadcaster, author, and political commentator who fully supports Trump’s office and helped shape the narrative that brought him to power. Steve is not one to shy away from any kind of confrontation and has repeatedly used his position to fend off enemies and opponents of the current government.

But in addition to his political leanings, the former Trump campaign operative also has a strong track record in finance, market research and the media. Besides appearing regularly on networks like CNN and Fox, Cortes also regularly lends his financial expertise to CNBC, one of the world’s leading financial news networks.

Steve, affectionately nicknamed “El Capital”, has a healthy sense of humor. He frequently speaks at conventions, conferences and live colleges and isn’t afraid to take an unpopular stance on hot issues like immigration.

Bio of Steve Cortes

Steve’s date of birth, information about his early years, and an early yet unknown upbringing. However, he has three siblings, all daughters, from his parents. They were all raised in Chicago, Illinois. Cortes’ father immigrated to the United States where he was educated at Indiana Tech. Her father grew up on a ranch in Colombia in the 1930s.

For his education, Steve enrolled at Georgetown University in 1990. He was a brilliant student and earned himself a Rhodes Scholarship nomination. Apart from his studies, Steve Cortes was also active in the school football team. He was also a George F. Baker Scholar and graduated from Georgetown in 1994.

Cortes is married to his wife, Holly Cortes. They married on May 16, 1998, and together they have four children; three daughters and one son.

Facts About Former Trump Campaign Agent

1. Steve Cortes worked in finance right out of school

He is best known as a political commentator, but the media man had started his career in the financial sector. He started working for a company known as Prudential Financial, Inc., in 1994, the same year he left Georgetown. His job description at the company was to sell government bonds.

He soon added a Wall Street trader and strategist to his portfolio, a role he filled for about two decades. Cortes also leads the strategy department of BGC Partners. The company targets hedge funds and banks, providing them with risk management strategies.

Even when he became a broadcaster, the Chicago native started out with CNBC, where the topic of discussion was financial markets. His time as a political commentator came much later.

2. He worked closely with the Trump administration

At the height of the presidential race in 2016, Steve Cortes joined Trump’s campaign as his official TV surrogate. He also served as one of Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council members.

After Trump took office, Steve was made an informal adviser to the president. He is also a regular Fox News contributor, particularly on the Halftime Report. The Trump financial broadcaster and adviser continues to be a live broadcaster at Bloomberg TV, CNBC and Fox.

3. Cortes is the founder of Veracruz LLC

The former Trump surrogate took his money know-how a step further in 2002 with the founding of his own financial services company Veracruz LLC. The company serves broker-dealers, hedge funds, banks and sovereign wealth funds by providing real-time daily commentary and insights on the US equity and fixed income markets.

When Cortes named the company, he wanted to give it a religious spin, hence the name Veracruz. The word means “true cross” in Spanish.

4. He published his first book in 2011

Steve Cortes is known for often swimming against the tide when it comes to his political and financial assertions. In a similar vein, he published his first book in 2011, titled Against the Herd: 6 Contrary Investing Strategies to Follow

In the book, he offers six seemingly counterintuitive viewpoints on the major events he believes will shape the future of global investments and markets. Some of these events include the end of free trade and the fall of China. It also shows how to take advantage of these events to make sound investment decisions.

The book also makes clear Cortes’ belief that the United States is and will increasingly become one of the best investment destinations in the world.

5. His mother wanted him at Notre Dame University

Steve’s mother was not entirely happy with her choice of Georgetown University. She wanted her son to enroll in the University of Notre Dame. Even though his wish did not come true, other family members decided to go this route. One of Steve’s sisters and his niece are University of Notre Dame alumni.

6. Steve Cortes met his wife through a friend who was interested in her.

Cortes only met his wife for the first time because one of his college buddies at the time was after her. On one occasion, said friend wanted to hang out with Holly and decided to bring Cortes with him.

One thing led to another, and eventually Cortes fell in love with Holly and they started dating. Since their marriage in 1998, the couple have three daughters – Chase, Kingsley and Elizabeth – and a son whose name is unknown.