Steve Darnell is an American mechanical engineer turned television star, best known for his popular reality television series titled Vegas Rat Rods. The show which features welder Up Crew directed by Darnell airs on the Discovery channel. The crew is famous for customizing old vehicles for their customers as well as other types of equipment. This article seeks to explore the life and other fascinating facts about the TV celebrity.

Biography of Steve Darnell

Steve Darnell was born in Billings, Montana, in the United States of America. He was raised alongside his sister Madison King by his parents. He had his basic education at Castle Rock Middle School and Skyview High School. In high school, he was on the school wrestling team, but later Darnell found out he was really good at using machines. He decided to venture into a welder-welder business by following his talent and love for mechanics. He started by repairing and repairing heavy machinery as well as agricultural equipment for ranchers.

Interestingly, Darnell is credited with developing a twin-turbocharger using unconventional means by replacing the engine of a Dodge Sedan with a diesel engine from a pickup truck of the same brand. His accomplishments in hot rod design brought him great fame and popularity. It also spawned a new hot rod building business. Moreso, Steve Darnell officially started The Welder Up crew in Las Vegas, California, and counts Darnell, Justin Kramer, Merlon Johnson, Travis Deeter, Grant, Dan, Barber Dave, and Cheyenne among its members. The crew’s job description is to meet all their customer’s requirements, such as building hot rods and refurbishing various machines.

The machine expert started out without becoming a TV personality, but as fate would have it, it spawned a Canadian-based production company that grew into what we know today. Vegas Rat Rods. Darnell’s show began airing on DiscoveryChannel in Canada, then began broadcasting in America soon after. The TV show started as an instant hit in 2014 and ran for four seasons, the last of which was in November 2018.

Steve Darnell is now a highly sought after mechanical engineer having acquired multiple skills and experiences over time. He ventured from vehicle repair into vehicle customization, charging high rates for his services. The TV star has also done other gigs, including designing the prop for the Rising Sun home music video by Five Finger Death Punch which was released in 2013.

6 facts to know about reality TV star Steve Darnell

1. Steve Darnell’s date of birth is December 1st.

The reality TV star celebrates her birthday on December 1 every year. However, the exact year of Steve Darnell’s birth remains unknown as he has yet to share the information.

2. Darnell’s ethnicity

Steve Darnell is known to be a National American, but when it comes to his ethnicity, there are many speculations that he is of multiple ethnicities. However, the celebrity character hasn’t shed some light on the matter which leaves us to do with speculation about his background.

3. His sexuality was questioned

The American-born engineer’s sexuality is still a topic of discussion on several fronts. The question of whether he is gay or straight has been raised time and time again mainly due to the fact that the identity of the person he had a previous relationship with and that of his wife has remained secret. Nevertheless, despite the rumors, it is assumed that Steve Darnell is not a gay man.

4. Darnell has two sons

The TV star is a father of two, sons named Chase and Kash. However, we have yet to release the identity of said spouse, as Darnell has kept this information out of public view.

5. He has an impressive net worth

After a successful career in the vehicle Steve Darnell amassed a considerable fortune. He’s been known to charge between $80,000 and $100,000 for customizing and building cars. Although his total net worth is currently unknown as he has not made it public, some sources have nevertheless continued to place his net worth at an estimated $13 million.

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6. Body measurements

The TV star’s measurements are largely unknown, but Darnell is likely 6ft tall. He also has a good body and body constitution.