SuperButterBuns is a popular YouTube and media socialstar who rose to fame for his gaming channel. Her channel, which has nearly half a million subscribers, was born out of the need to fill a void she discovered after serious research. Apart from YouTube, she also enjoys quite a good following on Twitch where she also streams her videos.

SuperButterBuns Biography

It was on August 20, 1995 that SuperButterBuns was born in the United States. Details about his upbringing and early life have been scarce on the internet.

She admits to not being the best student so instead of studying for a 4-year degree, she opted for a one-year college program studying video production and editing. This is evident from the quality of the videos she produces, which she edits herself.

The YouTube celebrity joined the videoshare on January 16, 2015. She admits that she always wanted to start a YouTube channel, but wasn’t sure what to focus on. After deciding to do scripted content, she decided to stick with making a beginner’s guide for gamers after a series of researches and the realization that it wasn’t very popular, especially for simple, common games. .

She created a series “For Beginners” where she assumes the character of a comedy teacher who teaches her viewers everything they need to know about a particular game, how to get the most enjoyment out of it and gives them advice. and tips for surviving in the game world.

Another big thing that stands out on SuperButterBuns YouTube channel next to her voice is the humor she injects into her videos. Going through the comments section on her Youtube channel, it is clear that some are not even interested in the games but are her ardent followers as they find her hilarious. She described her sense of humor as goofy sarcasm, as most things she writes aren’t funny until she says them.

A few years after starting her YouTube channel, she has amassed nearly half a million followers and over 42 million views. More so, she has over 54,000 followers on Twitch.

Family life

The YouTube star is one of many internet stars who have enjoyed an easy-to-lose anonymity on the internet. As for his family, nothing is known about his parents, siblings and his life growing up. But SuperButterBuns revealed in an interview that her parents are very supportive of what she’s doing as they understand that one can have a career on YouTube if it’s popular enough. She didn’t want them to know about the channel, but they stumbled upon it by accident.

She also shared that both of her parents have a background in entertainment and helped her with technical stuff like the trademark of the bun she uses for her avatar. They are also the reason his videos are family-friendly. She doesn’t curse or use crude humor

All about SuperButterBuns

1. SuperButterBuns is a hard worker: She works many hours in the bagging/checking section of a grocery store alongside managing her YouTube channel. She admits to not getting enough sleep between working full time and writing, creating and editing content and videos for her channel.

2. The YouTube star loves animals: She loves animals in general and regularly shares photos of her cat (Ignis) on social media.

3. SuperButterBuns has worked hard to deflect negativity from her channel: Although she is sometimes bullied online, her community has remained positive and supportive.

4. All of the buns in her videos are based on expressions she does in real life: According to her, all of her buns somehow reflect her and her real-life expressions, although the first bun that she does she did remains her favorite because it perfectly captures who she is.

5. Relationships: As the very private person that she is, SuperButterBuns has managed to keep her love life entirely off the internet. However, she describes her sexual orientation on Twitch as gay.

6. SuperButterBuns thinks her honesty with her fanbase and hard work has been one of the reasons she’s been so successful: Among other things, she acknowledges that some of the most important reasons she’s been successful is because she’s honest with her fanbase and also, most importantly, because she’s worked hard over the years.