In terms of entertainment, South Korea has transformed a country that once heavily censored music into a thriving and globally appealing entertainment ecosystem. It is from this new world that artists like Suran came.

The singer, songwriter, and music producer lives in a country where she has to compete for stardom with Korean music personalities like Psy, BoA, BTS, Rain, and Girls’ Generation, among others. Still, she didn’t do badly, in any way. She is known for songs like ‘I Got a Feeling’ and ‘Wine’.

Suran’s Bio

The singer’s story begins in the bustling city of Busan in South Korea. She was born on July 15, 1986 as Shin Su-ran. Details of his life before professional music remain unknown. Details regarding his upbringing, parents and siblings are also not known to the public.

The singer began her career in 2014 with the single “I had a feeling”. At the time, she was one half of the duo known as Lodia. The song was released on July 9, 2014. After this period, Suran decided to strike out on her own and embark on a music career as a solo artist. She is also known by other stage names such as Elena and Baily Shoo, but none are as popular as Suran.

Facts About The South Korean Songwriter

1. As a solo artist, she has collaborated with many big names in the K-Pop scene.

Often, collaborations help expand an artist’s work into the spotlight and Suran seems to have done everything right so far in that regard. After releasing her debut single “I Feel” in 2014, she featured top Korean artists on her songs.

In 2015, she released “Calling In Love” and featured rapper, Beenzino on the track. She then followed up the following year with ‘Ddang’ featuring Hwasa . In 2017, she worked with Dean and Crush on the tracks “1+1=0” and “Love Story“ respectively. In 2019, she also teamed up with Stone Music Entertainment’s Heize to record her song “Hide and Seek.”

Suran has also featured on songs by other artists. this includes songs for artists like Primary , Zico , Kiggen , Yuk ji-Dam , YDG , Mad Clown and others.

2. She is rumored to be dating BTS member Suga

One of Suran’s most popular collaborations was with her song “Wine” on which she featured rapper Changmo. The song turned out to be a massive hit and the biggest of her career to date. It climbed the Gaon Digital Chart and peaked at number two. The song was also part of his debut studio album ‘Entrer’ and by early 2019 had garnered over 2.5 million downloads.

But the most interesting part of this success was not the song itself; it was the people behind its production. Suran’s single was co-produced by Korean music legend, Suga who is an integral part of K-pop boy group, BTS.

The rumor mills started spinning in March 2018 when the singer posted a photo on her Instagram account with the caption “Yoongi,” which means “shine” in Korean. The problem is that Suga’s real name is Yoon-gi. She also posted another photo of herself in a sweatshirt identical to that of BTS’ boy wand. Fans naturally thought this was a special situation. However, Suran and Suga have since come out to deny the rumors regarding their relationship status.

3. She has received numerous nominations and awards for her musical endeavors

Suran’s fame has continued to grow since going solo. This is evidenced by the fact that she has won numerous nominations and won several.

She was nominated for “Best Female VocalPerformance” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2017. In the same year, she was also nominated in three categories at the Melon Music Awards for her single “Wine”. She won two of the three nominations. One of the awards was the “Hot Trend Award” which she shared with Suga.

She also won the Golden Disc Award for the song “Best R&B/Soul” and the Seoul Music Award for the “R&B/Ballad” category. Both awards were presented in 2018. The singer continued to receive nominations for her efforts.

4. She is a breast cancer survivor

On April 16, 2019, Suran revealed shocking information to his fans. She had been invited as a guest on the MBC Every1 television show. Video stars.

During the show, she revealed for the first time that she had battled breast cancer in 2015 and survived it. However, the singer had to go under the knife for a mastectomy and had one of her breasts removed. Suran recalls how it affected her attitude and that she no longer felt feminine.

However, she went on to say that she has since come to terms with it and now feels free to talk about it. She always has regular check-ins to ensure that a relapse, if it occurs, is detected in time.