Suzanne Berhow commonly referred to as Suzy Berhow is famous for being a creative animator, cartoonist and active YouTube personality, she has three YouTube channels with Mortem3r being her main and most popular platform. The internet sensation is also receiving accolades for contributing heavily to the web series Game Grumps. Moreso, Suzy Berhow occasionally makes guest appearances on online video series.

Besides her thriving online career, Suzy is happily married to her longtime partner, Arin Hanson, who is also an internet personality, professional host, comedian, and the co-creator of the web series. Grumps game

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Suzy Berhow – Biography

The sensational American Internet star and YouTuber was born on July 3, 1989 under the birth sign of Cancer, in Orlando, Florida, United States. She completed her high school education at a local school in her hometown of Orlando, Florida, but there is no further information about her college education.

Suzy Berhow started her career as a first model and she reportedly worked in that role for a few years before finding her true passion in online video series. She was looking for adequate training to improve in this field and began a career as a cartoonist and animator on YouTube.

Her first YouTube channel was Meeperfish which she started in 2007, featuring cartoons and She created animation-themed videos herself using the voice of her partner Arin and other personalities from Internet like Ross, Danny, Oney, El-Cid and Jaxamotos. However, according to some sources, her last video uploaded to the channel was in March 2013 – it is likely that she has put an end to her work of creating cartoon characters, because she could not find the time to deliver it to its viewers. are related to other animation work.

The second YouTube channel created by Suzy Berhow is Mortem3r. This channel has become extremely popular and has also brought Suzy into the limelight. Currently, Mortem3r is its main operational channel and focuses on makeup tutorials, but it also aims to keep its viewers up to date with updates in the fashion world, as well as various miscellaneous videos, such as uploading videos of her cats, Mimi and Mochi.

In 2015, the internet star launched her third YouTube channel named KittyKatGaming which updates users on video games, costume games and makeup tutorials. This channel also features games played by Suzy and sometimes guests that she invites to follow.

Also, Suzy Berhow has a series with Barry called Table Flip which features both guests and some guests playing various table games including tile-based game, dice game, board games, games maps and more. Suzy also appeared in the 6969 video and she was in Dinosaur Laser Combat alongside Arin Hanson.

Spouse – Arin Hanson

Suzy Berhow met her husband, Arin Hanson, at a cartoon conference. They enjoyed a dating that lasted more than eleven and a half years, from the time they started dating in 2002.

The exact day the couple exchanged their wedding vow was October 25, 2013, but their wedding ceremony was private, with very few family members and friends in attendance.

Like her, Arin Hanson is also a well-known internet personality, as well as a professional host, comedian, writer, designer and actress.

Facts About Arin Hanson’s Wife

1. Suzy Berhow’s Siblings

It’s amazing to know that the YouTuber is a twin. Her identical twin sister, who is 16 seconds older than her is named Jean and also runs a YouTube channel called Jean Bug.

Also, Suzy Berhow has three elder brothers namely; Charlie, Matt and Joey, as well as an older sister, Ginger.

2. net worth

Suzy who likes to keep a private life has not clearly revealed her net worth. However, a reliable source reported that the YouTube personality has an estimated net worth of over $1.5 million. His income comes mainly from his online career and YouTube channels.

3. Her creative hairstyles

The YouTuber, who is 1.83m tall, likes to be creative with her hair color as she is seen with hairstyles that are not the everyday models seen around.

4. Suzy’s love for pets

The YouTuber is known to have a thing for animals and has 3 adorable kittens – Mochi, Mimi and Otto