Seeing women engage in sporting activities these day is dazzling and over the years more and more women have continued to participate in various sporting activities that most people initially thought of as a man’s thing, like weightlifting, wrestling and many more. It’s a category anyway, and the other category where women like Suzy Shuster are gradually entering is sports broadcasting where you see more and more women analyzing and broadcasting these sporting events.

Sports analysts, commentators, journalists and the likes are just as important as the sports people themselves and it is in this other category that our cynosure personality falls. Announcer and sports presenter Suzy is an Emmy Award winning sportswoman which is a symbol of her hard work and the quality of her work. Apart from being popular on her own, Shutter is also known for being the wife of well-established sports journalist, Rich Eisen. Here’s everything you want to know about her.

Suzy Shuster Biography

Suzy Shuster is a popular American journalist, sportscaster, anchor, and radio personality. She was born in the United States and raised in Colombia, where she attended high school. Suzy also went to college there. She studied at Columbia University and in 1994 she graduated with a degree in History and Art of History. Unfortunately, she kept information about her childhood, parents and siblings away from the media.

After graduating from Columbia University, Suzy began working at CBS as an in-house sports broadcaster. Final Four Broadcast. It was the start of a successful career so far for her.

Suzy Shuster covered her first non-sporting event in the 1996 presidential race. At the time, she worked for Fox News and was appointed to cover the presidential election alongside popular Emily Rooney.

After the election, Shuster joined America’s largest sports news network, ESPN. At ESPN, she worked as an associate producer and produced Salon SportsCenter. She left ESPN to go to work at the HBO network, where she was producer of the Real Sports show, which was anchored by Bryant Gumbel. At HBO, she published some of the best stories, including the Olympic Committee voting scandal in Salt Lake City. She also produced the Emmy-nominated special report, Pedophile Coaches: Who Coaches Your Kids? . From 2000 to 2002, she was Fox Sports’ senior reporter covering the LA Lakers in their years as NBA champions.

Shuster covers college football for ABCNetwork, as its West Coast representative. She is currently the host of USC’s Prep Football Show. Every once in a while, Suzy Shuster picks up a few things for the non-sports blog, The Huffington Post

His marriage and his family

It’s no longer news that Shuster is married to fellow sports journalist, Rich Eisen. The pair first met on February 3, 1997, when Eisen was already working for ESPN and Shuster was starting work as an associate producer. Eisen saw Shuster at work and approached her, she got his number and they immediately became friends. They had a casual relationship as friends for a while and soon started dating.

In 2002, Eisen felt he didn’t just want dating, he decided he’d like to spend the rest of his life with Shuster and decided to ask for her hand in marriage. On Valentine’s Day in 2002, Eisen proposes to Shuster and she says “yes”.

A year later, on June 8, 2003, they had a lavish wedding ceremony in LA. The couple have been together ever since and although their marriage hit a rough patch in 2007, following Eisen’s cheating charges with Alycia Lane, the couple fought through the lawsuits and have maintained a strong relationship ever since. Suzy Shuster’s family is blessed with three children, namely their daughter Taylor and their two sons, Cooper and Xander.

Suzy Shuster’s husband, Rich Eisen

Richard “Rich” Eisen is an American television sports journalist. He was born on June 24, 1969 in Brooklyn, New York. Eisen received his BA from the University of Michigan and then a Master of Science from Northwestern University. He has worked for various sports television networks such as CBS Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, DirectTV and NFL Network. On the radio platform, he has worked with Fox Sports Radio, DirectTV, NFL Now and Sirius Radio.

His net worth

The Emmy Award-winning Sportscaster nets $10 million with a living salary of around $1 million a year. Her husband is also wealthy with his net worth estimated at $20 million. The couple own a mansion in the Beverly Hills Post Office worth $8 million. The house contains four bedrooms and six bathrooms. In addition to their magnificent mansion, Suzy Shuster and her husband also own a number of designer cars.