Gone are the days when beauty, as far as women in the fashion industry were concerned, was described by girls with slender figures and proper contours. Today, our society has come to accept the evidence that a significant number of women do not possess body features that conform to those of the typical hourglass model. These bold and unmistakably beautiful ladies are called plus size models. One of them whose biography can be found in the paragraphs below is Tabria Majors.

Tabria Majors Biography, Age

Tabria Majors was born in Nashville, Tennessee on March 19, 1990 to American parents. Her nationality is American and she likely belongs to black/African American ethnicity. Since Tabria is in its infancy, much has not been revealed about it; like what her childhood was like, what high school she attended, and whether or not she has any siblings in addition to their and her parents’ identities. However, she has already shared a photo of her parents on her Instagram page.

On the other hand, the model reportedly graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Memphis. The story of Tabria Majors’ career turnaround is one that reaffirms that fate can change the course of one’s life in the blink of an eye.

At the beginning, Tabria never wanted to be a model, she was not beautiful, she simply did not seek to make modeling a possible career direction. She started working as a production assistant in Los Angeles before an agent working for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue magazine saw her on Instagram in 2014, where she posted one of her beautiful regular pics. The agent approached the potential celebrity after which Tabria Majors decided to try modeling in 2015.

Tabria then emerged as a finalist for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue which earned her a top spot in the magazine’s first open casting call. However, that did not mean that life was now a bed of roses for her, as she soon realized that to be successful as a model, she had to incur many personal expenses to maintain her appearance, albeit a natural one, and also to pay for photo shoots. become known.

For this, the budding model took on a side job – cleaning floors and tables – in order to make ends meet. Tabria Majors revealed to NYPOST that, early in her career, when she told other models what her side was outside of modeling, they often looked at her in disgust.

Well, a few years have passed since her last Tabria Majors now recounts the worthy experiences that made her a better and determined person. The majors are of the opinion that she is better able to handle certain difficult situations in her job than her colleagues as a result of these experiences.

Since her venture into the modeling world, Tabria Majors have worked with major fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret and Fashion Nova. She currently has a contract with Natural Models Management representing her.

Height, weight, measurements

Tabria Majors has a fair amount of flesh on her body, in the right proportions and nicely contoured. As a plus size model, she defies the quintessential body stats and physique of the typical American model, but in her class, she is certainly one of nature’s greatest gifts to mankind. for those who appreciate plump women.

The Tennessee-born model stands at a height of 5, her feet is 1.80m tall, her bust measures 44 inches which is significantly taller than her waistline of 38 inches, while her bust and waistline come together of her voluptuous, well-contoured 55-inch hips.

other facts

  • Tabria Majors wears a dress size of 16 (US size)
  • Her cup size is DD
  • Tabria wears a shoe size of 10.5 US
  • She spots the brown eyes, apt for the color of her brown hair.
  • The model has a net worth over $1 million.
  • In addition to her modeling career, she is also a co-host of the iTunes podcast titled “The Thick,” where she describes her challenges in the modeling business as a woman of color.
  • The few records on Tabria Majors mother say she was Miss Hawaii USA and modeled in Japan with the nickname Lexi.