Tanner Braungardt is a young YouTube sensation whose popularity stems from his bold and interesting videos on his own YouTube channel. Tanner is an aspiring trampolinist, free runner and entertainer. His channel currently has no less than 4.4 million subscribers and is among the top 100 fastest growing YouTube channels in the world. There are many more things to learn about his professional and private life and they are discussed below.

Tanner Braungardt Biography

Tanner Braungardt was born in Wichita, Kansas on July 24, 2000. His parents, Jamie and Kim Braungardt, raised him alongside his siblings in Wichita for a time before separating.

Tanner attended Augusta High School until his second year. To make way for his budding career, he resorted to online classes to earn his high school diploma.

Tanner did not start his YouTube channel to become popular. He just started by posting his jaw-dropping antics with the trampoline. People especially teenagers fell in love with his videos and popularity found him. His first three videos quickly went viral and he gained over 3 million subscribers on his channel.

One of the reasons Tanner Braungardt is so beloved is the authenticity of his videos. Besides his clumsiness, he posts videos of his success on the trampoline and fails on his channel.

Tanner has faced criticism and bullying due to his channel content. When he posted his first videos, his classmates thought it sucked and made sly jokes and comments about him. Tanner understands everything about him and focuses on the positives around him.

He has established a line of communication with his followers and is considering their suggestion on the type of content he creates on his channel. This act further attracted him to millions of fans who consider his humility to be very rare, especially as a rich young man. One of his most famous videos shows him diving into a bathtub filled with Coca-Cola while his friends empty packets of mentos into it. The video has 14 million views.

Besides YouTube, Tanner Braungardt has a large following on other social media platforms, with approximately 429,000 followers on Twitter, 35,000 on Facebook, and over 1.5 million on Instagram.

His net worth

Tanner Braungardt has earned a net amount in his career and is not afraid to flaunt his riches. He has a thing for cars and he currently owns 2 luxury cars with a market value of not less than $160,000 each. He also posted a video about buying his dream house at age 16 in 2017. Although nothing was confirmed, Tanner’s net worth in 2019 was estimated to be around $2 million. In addition to the money he earns from his YouTube channel, Tanner also promotes different brands, including accessories and clothing, on his personal website.

The family life of Tanner Braungardt

Tanner’s parents divorced when he was just four years old and his mother (Kim) won custody of the children she raised alone. Kim is very supportive of her son’s career choice and has done everything to encourage him. Her siblings, Tristan and Taylor, are also social media stars and popular in their own rights. They feature regularly on his vlogs.

The young star has been described as a natural performer, as he has shown resilience, especially in dealing with trolls and the resulting backlash.

Fun facts about the YouTuber

1. Tanner is American. He is slim, weighs around 65 kg and is around 5 feet 7 inches tall. He has brown eyes and blond hair.

2. He is very popular with girls. He has a lot of fans and admirers who would spread around his house to catch a glimpse of him.

3 The young star once had a relationship with another social media star, Paris Anderson. They started dating in December 2016 and went public with their relationship in 2017 by sharing each other’s pictures on their various pages. They dated for over a year before finally going their separate ways.

4. Despite his popularity, Tanner has stayed down to earth and loves his teenage years as much as he can.

5 In the 21st century, young people are beginning to redefine what makes a star, especially with the advent of social media. More ordinary people have had the opportunity to become popular for what they love to do. Tanner Braungardt is one of those lucky ones. Although most parents and older generations resent its fun due to the inherent dangers, the younger ones remain its biggest fans.