Tara Palmeri had her eyes set on media relations from the start and worked to achieve her set goals. The White House correspondent for ABC News has come a long way after working with multiple outlets like CNBC, CNN, as well as Politico. Palmeri was of paramount importance in the aftermath of the 2016 election that resulted in a victory for President Donald Trump. She reported on various Trump administration milestones and news events, including FBI background checks on White House personnel. It would be interesting to know more about the journalist. Here’s everything you need to know.

Tara Palmeri – Biography,

She was born on September 1, 1987 in New York City to her parents, Yolanda Palmeri her mother and Peter Palmeri her father. She is the only child of her parents. Tara was interested in the arts and had strong inclinations towards journalism as a child. She rightly listened to this small voice and decided to walk this path. After graduating from high school at DePaul Catholic High School, Palmeri went to American University in Washington DC. where she studied public communication.

She graduated from the institution with a bachelor’s degree in her course of choice. After graduation, Tara Palmeri worked as an intern at Voice of America for about 4 months. She officially started her career at CNN in 2009 as a press assistant for the DC office outfit. After holding the role for 9 months, she continued to work with The Washington Examiner as a columnist. Alongside her colleague, she wrote a daily “Yeas & Neas” column.

The following year, she joined the New York Post as a reporter. Palmeri reported on several hot topics, including the murder-suicide of Jovan Belcher. Before that, she also covered many other news stories as a general assignment reporter. Some of them include Newtown Connecticut massacre, Democratic National 2012, John Edwards trial and many more. Tara continued to build her portfolio; she soon became a reporter at New York City Hall and was quite notable for her

Tara Palmeri soon joined Politico Europe as a journalist. After a brief stint in the UK, she returned to the United States and worked as a White House reporter for the outfit. After a successful stint at Politico, Palmeri made a return to CNN in 2017, though she still had ties to Politico. She then left CNN and joined ABC News the same year as a White House correspondent. It was an interesting journey for the journalist.

Personal life – boyfriend, married, husband

Like many of her counterparts, Tara Palmeri keeps her personal life private and doesn’t share much when it comes to love and relationship. That’s why questions about her marital status keep cropping up. The journalist we’ve rounded up isn’t married to anyone at the moment. She would be in a relationship with the photographer Gabe Brotman. However, it cannot be said for sure when the two started dating given its private nature.

Even with a few photos of them online, none of them have confessed to being romantically involved with each other, leaving the public more curious. But despite their discretion, they still manage to present their relationship in an intriguing way. The couple indeed left the public in awe of their love and in anticipation of a nuptial union.

Other facts about the journalist

Net value

Palmeri’s career as a journalist has been quite an experience and also a journey filled with lucrative ventures. The White House ABC correspondent does a significant amount of her work with the outfit. According to reports, Tara Palmeri earns no less than $100,000 in salary per year at the news agency. We also do not forget that his financial situation has increased over the years with his involvement with other media.

the size

From just one look at the talented journalist, one can easily tell that she has a size that is very suitable for her career. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 m), which is tall enough for a woman. Exact numbers weren’t given, but it’s not hard to tell that she has commensurate weight, judging by her physical appearance.

Social media presence

Tara Palmeri has an impressive social networkFollowing. A talented and always up-to-date journalist, she has many followers on her various accounts. You can find and follow her on Instagram via tarapalmeri and on Twitter via @tarapalmeri.